You don’t have to lie (about being an Alpha) to kick it.

Okay. So. Check this out.

I’m not sure why people haven’t learned their lesson yet. Lying about being a member of Black Greek Letter Organization will get you exposed and embarrassed EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. We KEEP the receipts and it’s not hard to research and find yours.

Such is the case here.

Check out this Facebook post (I copied it cause I’m not sure if Phrat wants me to put his name on here and he may delete it later)…

Hey. Sorry to bother y’all.
This guy Stephen Freeman is lying about being an Alpha, specifically from the Delta Theta chapter of Texas Southern University, Spring 2005.

I don’t believe I’ve ever met him. No idea who he is … and he’s DEFINITELY fabricating.

What you do with the information is up to you. If I tagged you it’s because Facebook says you’re a mutual friend … or because I want a lot of people to see.

See that last pic? That was TSU Homecoming (2013 I think) … he’s nowhere in that pic but he posted it as his profile pic. Who lies about fraternity affiliation at the age of 30?

Here are the pics that are attached to the status…










Now. In trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he did grad chapter, huh?

But…no. Cause he’s posting Delta Theta. So he’s definitely saying that’s where he crossed.


Has somebody spoken with him to clear the air? Does he understand that this isn’t okay?

Guys. We’re too old to be doing this. And it’s 2015.

Stop the madness.



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