Ludacris wins full custody of his break baby.

In case you haven’t heard, while on a “break” from his now wife, Eudoxie, Ludacris (Chris Bridges) got another woman pregnant.  Yesterday, he was awarded full custody of the baby, who is now one.

The mother, Tamika, stated earlier that he and Eudoxie got married so quickly (I think they got engaged and married on the same day) because he was trying to take her daughter away from her.  Also, I know she was asking for an increase in child support, which was $7,000. A MONTH.

Yesterday, I thought the decision was terrible. I felt like Luda was malicious and did, in fact, marry Eudoxie to stick it to Tamika. I also felt like he simply didn’t want to pay child support and took this as an opportunity to stick it to Tamika.

But then I heard some new information this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning show here in Houston on Majic 102.1.

1. Tamika currently makes $800 a month as a supervisor over housekeeping for a hotel chain.

2. Currently, Tamika’s expenses are 4 times as much as her income.

3. After her first child was born, she disappeared for a few years. This made the court question possible child abandonment issues.

4. The judge ultimately weighed Tamika’s instability against Luda’s stability (of which I’m sure is majority financial).

I have to eat my words.  Every single tweet I hit “send” on…I take it back.  I agree with the decision now. $800 a month? There’s no way. And she’s living way above her means! No ma’am. The judge suggested she look for a better job, and I’m in full agreement.  that’s just not okay.

Tamika will have 11 days out of the month to spend with her daughter, however, from what I saw yesterday (forgot from where), those visits will be supervised. I don’t agree with that, but again, maybe there’s something else we aren’t aware of.

The right decision was made, here.

UPDATED: January 29, 2015, 12:50

Oooooookay. So I heard this yesterday, but it’s popping up today as well.

The word is that prior to this, Ludacris had never met his daughter. And if that is the case, then NAH. I’m sorry, but no.  This is cruel. Taking a child from her mother, who she has been with every single day, basically because you don’t want to pay child support?  Making her live with someone she doesn’t even know?

This could’ve worked out so much better. No, Tamika doesn’t make that much money, but the child doesn’t know the her father. It’s mean. And petty.

Again, I have no source to quote…but it’s come from different people. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s true.

Kinda where I am…


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