If Marriage Is A Woman Voluntarily Suffering, Then Yeah. No Thanks.

Ok. So this title is somewhat dramatic, but it got you to click so GREAT!

This is a follow-up to my post from yesterday, “Her Husband Says He Wants To Leave Her…She Basically Just Ignores Him

To say that I was shocked at the comments I got saying that she was “brave,” would be an understatement.  It turned into me CONSTANTLY be reminded of “for better or for worse” and that divorce isn’t always the right option (I never suggested it was).

I was kind of left feeling like I was the one who is COMPLETELY out of touch, and that it answered the question that I’ve been pondering, “Do you even really want to be married?”  And if tolerating this behavior from a man (in silence) and not being willing to be disrespected means I’m not “marriage material,” then so be it.  And I say that will the deepest sincerity.  It could just be that marriage isn’t for me.

I am taking a Theories of Marriage and Family class and brought this to the table for discussion tonight.  We had a GREAT dialogue and I left feeling like I am not completely crazy.  Married women (married for 20+ (one who has a POWERFUL testimony of marital problems) years and some married for less than 5), single women, men, different backgrounds, cultures, women/men of faith, etc….there is a nice mix in my class.  And ALL of us saw problems with this. Anyway, doing a video was MUCH easier than typing up a follow-up, so here we go!

By the way, this was just done tonight (and I am tired) so whatever happened in the first take was just gonna have to do. LOL

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