Marshawn Lynch is really just not here for y’all.

We’ve seen what’s happened in the previous media exchanges in the press conferences with Marshawn Lynch (“I’m here so I won’t get fined” & “You know why I’m here). ¬†But today, he brought some truth to the media:

I laughed. And I laughed hard.

What’s interesting to me is that some media outlets are saying that without them, the players wouldn’t be getting payed???


Anyway,Marshawn¬†has a point. Like, he’s told you it’s not happening. Sooooo why are you here?

And that guy tried it with the charity question. Marshawn had something for that too. Love it.

Also, peep how, not only does he wear the cap the NFL threatened to fine him for, but he also tells you where you can purchase it (!!!! HA!

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