Matthew Knowles’ Baby Mamma (Alexsandra Wright) Isn’t Happy

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew.

Well.  Looks like Alexsandra Wright, the mother of his child from an extramarital affair (for which Mama Tina divorced him in 2009), is telling it all.  She did an interview for Inside Edition and, well, she told the business.

According to The Daily Mail:

The mother of Mathew Knowles’ lovechild claims the music mogul has fallen behind on child support payments and barely sees their son Nixon, now four.

She also told Inside Edition – in an incendiary interview – that the 63-year-old hasn’t introduced Nixon to his superstar sister Beyonce.

But according to Wright, Nixon and Bey could’ve been very close indeed, as she also alleges that Mathew wanted her to hand their baby over to the XO singer and husband Jay Z before their own child, Blue Ivy, was conceived.

So wait.  Matthew wanted Beyonce to raise a child that he conceived while married to her mother? He tried it.

Wright told Inside Edition’s Jim Moret: ‘You’ve seen more of my son than he has.’

She added that she will have to file for public assistance because Matthew Knowles hasn’t paid $32,000 in court-ordered child support, a claim he denies.

Wright told Moret: ‘I tried everything to not have it public, but unfortunately that’s just not the way that Matthew chose to deal with this.’

She added that she doesn’t blame Beyonce, 32, who is now estranged from her father.

Wright explained: ‘I don’t expect Beyonce to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation.’

But she explained to IE that she will do whatever it takes to make Mathew take some responsibility for his son.

That answers one question I had.  Beyonce hasn’t ever met her brother.  WELP!

She said: ‘I’m going to stand up and I’m going to fight, and I’m going to fight the next day because that’s the only way to give him his identity.’ 

Mathew hit back in December last year that he had paid child support to his baby mother Alexsandra Wright.

But then, TMZ have once again reported that Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles is behind on payments, leaving Alexsandra using ‘food stamps to survive’.

TMZ claim Mathew now owes $32,135,90 in child support.

However, Beyonce’s father has slammed initial reports that he owes the mother of his lovechild support cheques. 

Sources close to the music manager told gossip website that messed up paperwork is to blame for the dispute.

Mathew, who is set to appear in court in Los Angeles on Friday in relation to the child support row, was said to be two months behind in his maintenance payments.

However, he has told friends that he made the payments slightly late, but past the deadline for being credited, so it only appears like he hasn’t paid what he owes.

Mathew is now reportedly behind for his December payment, which was due on the 1st, but plans to pay the full $12,000 before it officially becomes delinquent.

That child looks just like Matthew.

Anyway, yeah.  Get it together, Matthew. SMH.  I’m sure this was a hurtful situation for Beyonce and her family, and it doesn’t make it better to have to deal with hearing about it publicly now.

Matthew, take care of your son, sir. SMH

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