Meek Mill is on social media in his feelings again (v. Wale).

Wale went on The Breakfast Club for an interview and was very candid about a few things..

Following an interview this morning where Wale basically said MMG is basically no more and the Meek Mill brought “a pencil to a gun fight” verses Drake, Meek Mill went on a vicious rant against the D.C. rapper.


Well. Meek Mill wasn’t very appreciative of his comments. Maybe the “a pencil to a gun fight” statement is what did it? *giggles* Well, here’s his response via social media cause who is really doing interviews with him these days anyway?

Hmmmm. So Meek Mill took down the Instagram post. Maybe it has something to do with Rick Ross and the REAL boss (check out the update below)? But you know I got the screenshot… 

Screenshot_2015-10-21-17-29-47 Screenshot_2015-10-21-17-29-30


But wait, “This my last time I think addressing shit on the internet”



And what kinda calls you think you’re making, breh? WHO IS LISTENING TO YOU, FAM? WHERE IS YOUR BOSS!?!?!?!? Has someone informed him that…that’s not his role? The he can’t make those kinds of calls? LOL. He’s hollering and making threats that he can’t back up (again)!

Somebody help him.

But watch this. Meek Mill also posted this…


And look what Wale did…


And in conclusion….

Meek Mill.

Have a seat, Bruh. I mean, what is it? Has Nicki not rented out her PR team to him? Can she not help? He clearly hasn’t learned.

Meanwhile, Drake is like…



UPDATED: October 22, 2015, 8:10am

Let’s take a look at Rick Ross’ Instagram account, shall we?

Tonight @wale tore down as @djkhaled would say “Another One” !!! Never question THE EMPIRE🔥 #MMG

A video posted by Ricky Rozay (@richforever) on

So after Meek Mill posted that he’s making some kind of a call about Wale being in MMG…Rick Ross posted this.



Now. What kind of call was that you’re making, Meeks?

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