Apparently, Michael Sam being cut is cause of homophobia in the NFL

I was actually happy that I hadn’t seen the “Michael Sam only got cut because he’s gay argument.” Buuuut it seems as if I simply missed it.

Michael Sam was cut by the St. Louis Rams over the weekend. Over the following 24 hours, no other team had decided to claim the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL. Then came the news that the Rams didn’t choose him for its practice squad. And though he could be picked for a practice squad for another team this week, NFL watchers believe his options are dim.

There have already been lots of arguments on social media, and it will continue this week, over whether or not this represented homophobia in the NFL. Frankly, I’m astounded that anyone can even debate this. One person on my Facebook page said that if Michael Sam were good enough he’d be playing. I don’t know how this person could possibly justify such a statement since the NFL’s record — of giving slaps on the wrist for ugly homophobic incidents and hiring known haters — suggests otherwise, and no openly gay player had been drafted before.

We witnessed players tweeting hateful comments after Sam came out, and sawstories in the sports media quoting unnamed officials saying open gays would mess with the locker room “chemistry” and that the NFL just wasn’t ready. Even if we accepted that Sam’s performance wasn’t up to par and that that was the sole reason for his fate, there is nothing beyond the hollow words of NFL officials to suggest that if he were “good enough” he’d be playing — and much to suggest otherwise.

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I will agree with this writer on one thing.  The fact that he isn’t the best player isn’t the *only* reason he got cut.  I honestly think the Rams didn’t want to deal with the drama.  Remember, this is a guy who signed up to do a reality show based on his sexuality (let’s be honest) before even being drafted. The cameras were already rolling when he was drafted!

Someone stated on my Facebook page that there are other players who have had their fair share of drama.  One of which was Chad Johnson (the point was made that his drama came later in his career).  We all see where he is now.

I’m not a football guru (at all), but I’m thinking there simply wasn’t a place for him on the Rams’ roster. I’m sure he can be worked with and developed at a player, but the decision makers probably didn’t think it was worth the possible drama. Again, this isn’t the first time this has happened with players. It’s just that this player happens to be openly gay.

Now we know that Michael Sam has been signed to the Cowboys’ practice squad. From what I’ve seen, people (who have MUCH more expertise than I do lol) seem to think this is a good move.  I don’t really know what happens to move from the practice squad to the roster, but if he makes it on the team then more power to him.  I just hope that every (relatively) negative move isn’t attributed to the NFL, as a whole, being scared of gays.

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