Michael Sam.

I debated if I even wanted to touch this one.  And I guess we see where I ended up.  The reason I was thinking about just leaving this alone entirely is because 1) it’s a touchy situation and 2) no matter what I say someone is probably going to twist up and misconstrue what I’m saying.  Well.  All I can say is if you have any questions, I am more than willing to answer them. I simply suggest you don’t come for me with your assumptions and accusations. Okay, let’s go.

Michael Sam is gay.

My view on that fact is basically, “okay.”

So. The kiss.  This wasn’t a shocker.  He’s gay. I wasn’t in front of the tv when I saw them kiss, but (obviously) saw it later on.  I (initially) wasn’t sure where the shock and surprise was coming from.  Again, he’s gay.

Two parts of this I want to address:

The Reaction.

But then I was later sent a link to see the cake scene.  Now.  That was a bit much (for ME, and yes, I checked myself to see if I would have the same opinion in a different situation).  More on that later, though.   And I’m assuming that maybe this is what set off the firestorm of reactions from people.  These reactions, from what I saw, were coming from straight men.  And here is how I feel about that.

1.  Is it unusual for straight men to state that they didn’t want to see two grown men kissing?  Is that really a terrible thing?  Does it have to mean that they are full of hate and are bigots and are homophobic and should be silenced?

– My personal belief is no, it’s not unusual, no it’s not terrible, and no they are not full of hate and they aren’t automatically bigots and they are not afraid of homosexuals and homosexuality.  They are straight men who aren’t comfortable with seeing two men kissing and licking cake off of each other.  Why can’t that be the end of it?  Why must it be that they HAVE to be comfortable with it? Or rather, why must it be that they are automatically bad people because of it?

Personally, I think it is a mistake to basically require EVERYBODY to either (1) state that they WANTED to see the PDA and (2) expect people to be silent if they disagree.  I believe people have the right to state their opinion and to disagree (or whatever) with whatever they see fit.

2. ^^ Having said that, there IS a difference between stating one’s opinion and being hateful and mean.  And I encourage people to understand there is a very fine line.  I am totally here for people voicing their opinion, no matter what said opinion might be. And I think people should be able to do so without being attacked or called names. HOWEVER, I have zero tolerance for being hateful, etc.

The Agenda.

This is probably not the best word for what I’m trying to say but it’s the only one I can think of.

My…issue (again, lack of a better word) with all of this is that it seems like it’s being forced…for the sake of saying he is the first openly gay player in the NFL.  It’s skirting on looking like he got drafted BECAUSE he is gay, as opposed to being BECAUSE he is a good football player <— which is the ENTIRE point of being drafted.  Sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with what you can or cannot do on the field.

First, Michael Sam made a national announcement that he was gay.  I honestly had no idea who he was. Had never heard of him.  So, I was like…”okay.” As you all know, it then became a very big deal.  But then Mr. Sam stated that he didn’t want to be known for his sexuality, but rather for his ability on the field.


Huh?  But.  Didn’t YOU make the announcement of your sexuality?  Which is 100% his choice…but….


So he said that.  But then when he gets drafted, he is (seemingly) going out of his way (the networks as well) to remind us that he is, in fact, gay.  Now….remember at the beginning I stated that it was not a shock (to me) that he kissed his significant other.  But.  There was more coverage on his affection with his significant other than (from what I understand) was given to EVERYBODY ELSE who was drafted.  Never ever have I seen or heard of a camera following a drafted player’s affection with their significant other to the extent that this was covered (I could be wrong, and I’m open to correction).

The reason why all of this (*this* being the fact that he was drafted) is questionable to me is because, from what I understand, he simply is not a good football player (in regard to fitting into NFL).  There seemed to be very significant evidence that he probably shouldn’t be drafted based on performance alone. But when the punter got drafted before he did, WHEW! The Twitter streets were on FIYA! I’m also sure articles were already being written about how the NFL was discriminating against him because he’s gay.  And think about the very real possibility that he gets cut?  You better believe the think pieces, articles, and protests follow.

If that happens, can we all agree that it could just be that….HE ISN’T A GOOD FIT IN THE NFL (not my words, again, this seems to be the general consensus)???????

I had a few conversations with gay men and I found out that some just aren’t appreciating this.  Of course they don’t speak for the entire community, but…perspective.  It seems like, to them, their sexuality is being exploited and is being used as a stepping stone.  Like, “This is a gay man…oh! and he happens to play football.”  Instead of, “This is a good football player, who is gay.”  And again, I’m only saying it like that in the context of what matters in the NFL.  Football.

The bottom line is that he has his chance to prove his critics wrong.  To prove that he does belong in the NFL and can contribute to a professional football team.  We shall see!

I’m interested to know y’alls take on it.  Am I off the mark?  Did I miss it?  Do you feel the same way? Let me know!

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