NBA Players Threatened to Boycott THE LEAGUE if Adam Silver Went Easy on Donald Sterling

Oh I am so glad this happened.

The NBA Players Association threatened to boycott the league if swift, punitive action wasn’t taken against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist comments he made against African-Americans, the players said today.

Roger Mason, the NBPA vice president, described a league-wide phone call that took place Monday night among players and league executives in which the players had threatened to walk if NBA Commissioner Adam Silver went easy on Sterling.

Earlier today, Silver announced the NBA had banned Sterling for life and asked the Board of Governors to force a sale of the team.

“We had a call with the commissioner, with the executive committee representatives [of the Board of Governors], and with players across the league, and the commissioner asked us what our views were,” Mason said today. “We made it clear the players were ready to boycott.”

{via ABC News}

This boycott was set to start tonight.  Not JUST Clippers players, but players ACROSS THE LEAGUE.

Of course, the biggest issue is that even with the lifetime ban in place, Donald Sterling still owns the Los Angeles Clippers. Mason made comments on that as well.

“I’m happy to come here and say today we’re happy with the decision but not content yet,” Mason said. “We want immediate action, we want a timetable from the owners when this vote [to force a sale of the Clippers] is going to happen. We feel confident that this is something that can be handled quickly.”

Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento,  said the players spoke with him.

“The players asked me to represent them and they said to me, Mayor, we want you to tell Commissioner Silver three things are important to us: number one, that immediate action is taken, number two, that we need the players voice to be there, a collective voice, we need a seat at the table, and thirdly we want the maximum allowable punishment under the bylaws of the constitution, that there must be a change in ownership,” Johnson said to applause.

I absolutely love this.  Sometimes we are quick to judge and come to conclusions without knowing the entire story.  I will admit I am one who did this in this case. All while conversations were being had about what the players *should* be doing, those men were handling their business in a professional manner in the background.

Salute to the players, and everyone else who took action to make sure this situation wasn’t ignored THIS TIME.

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