Lions’ Ndamukong Suh gets suspended for stepping on Aaron Rodgers’ ankle

After a play on Sunday during the Lions vs. Packers game, Ndamukong Suh did this to Aaron Rodgers:

Here it is as it happened:

From CBS Sports:

In the angle above, it looks like Suh accidentally stepped on Rodgers with his right foot, then once he realized where Rodgers was, he stepped on him again with his left foot — and that’s the one that might have been on purpose.

Suh has now been suspended for one game:

The Detroit Lions and Ndamukong Suh have been informed that the defensive tackle will be suspended for this weekend’s wild-card playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Suh’s punishment comes a day after he stepped on the leg of Green Bay Packers quarterbackAaron Rodgers.

Suh “unnecessarily stepped on [the] opponent’s unprotected leg as he lay on the ground unable to protect himself,” according to a statement released by the NFL.

Suh is appealing the suspension and his appeal will be heard by Ted Cottrell.

If Suh’s appeal is denied, it would mean Detroit would be without both of its first-round defensive tackle selections. Coach Jim Caldwell said Monday it would take “a miracle” for defensive tackle Nick Fairley to play against the Cowboys. Fairley has not played or practiced since injuring his knee against Atlanta in Week 8.


Here’s the full statement from the NFL:




UPDATED: December 30, 2014



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  1. […] the NFL suspended Suh for one game, but then he appealed and won, leaving him with no more suspension and a $70,000 fine […]