NEW INFO on D. Wade’s Situation – SMH

^^^ This woman (picture from TMZ), Aja Metoyer, is the baby’s mother.  He, Xavier Zechariah Wade, was born on November 10, 2013.  D. Wade proposed to Gabrielle Union on December 21, 2013.  The woman I posted up previously is actually just D. Wade’s side-piece.  And let me tell you something.  If y’all thought that letter ole girl wrote up to Gabrielle Union was something, THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!?  THIS is a professional.  She has two other children, one from Damon Wayans Jr.  Not sure who the other one is by. Yep.  Three babies.  Three baby daddies.  Two of which are famous (or at least sort of).

And judging from this piece from Desperate Exes (, she is quite the handful when jealous of her baby daddy’s situation.

Way to go, D. Wade.  Way to go.

Full TMZ story (INCLUDING the birth certificate) —–>

UPDATE: December 31, 2013

TMZ has done a bit more digging.  They went back 9 months prior to the baby’s birth and have evidence that Dwyane and Gabrielle were definitely not on break.  She was all up on instagram loving on him and such.  I mean, I guess that could’ve been a break and they were just still really really close.  This would also make his incoherent explanation of their “break” in his statement make more sense.  He couldn’t piece the story together…because it never happened. LOL. They need to quit it.

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    This is a mess