Nicki Minaj Is FED. UP. With Y’all.

This happened while my site was down and I was losing my mind! UGH!

LISTEN. Onika said she’s gonna leave the colored weaves/wigs alone, stop wearing whatever Halloween costumes she was wearing as daily wear, and SERVE.

And serve, she did.  I am not particularly a Nicki Minaj “fan.”  In fact, in my opinion, there is a serious lack of GOOD female rap artists out here today.  But…oh my.  I know how to give respect when respect is due.  Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. YES.  To ALL of this.

THIS RIGHT HERE!?  This is rap.  Thank you, Nicki.  No gimmicks. Just words. Thank you.  If this is the Nicki we’re going to continue to get? I’m here for it.

Very vulgar guys, so watch at your own risk.  And keep in mind, this is hip hop.


Gather your edges, and prepare your bars, Onika is calling ALL of y’all out. Whew!

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