Let’s Be Clear: Nicki Minaj

It seems as if my earlier post gave off the wrong impression, so I decided to try and clear things up.

Given my feelings about the open letter that was written, it looks like that was taken as an endorsement of sorts for Nicki Minaj and her “Anaconda” cover. And those of you who left with that impression couldn’t be further from the truth.

1. I, in fact, don’t like it.  But. I also recognize that she is grown and can do what she wants.  My feelings about that letter are simply about him using his young daughter to chastise her.  And to be honest, from how young he makes her sound, even if Nicki was fully clothed, his daughter has no business listening to her in the first place.

Had he written this letter as a man…PERIOD…telling a queen that she doesn’t have to do that to sell records, THAT I would’ve appreciated.  Not using his kid, not using her responsibility as a leader and role model (which isn’t her fault, by the way), but just as a brother talking to his sister. Period.

2. Some feel as if Nicki owes society and should know better than to put images out like this.  And this is how I feel about that. We are expecting these recent artists to carry the same feelings of responsibility to society as in the past. And…it simply isn’t like that.  And I’m not saying that’s okay. Man…do you know how powerful it would be if these artists refused to put their money in some places? Refused to have anything to do with Florida? DEMANDED change in nationwide police practices? Called for a boycott of certain brands, etc? Do you understand how much of an impact that would have?

We are in a time where Rihanna can show off damn near her entire body, and be hailed as some type of fashion icon for it.  That’s where we are.  We are living in a time where black artists JUMP to the defense of a white artist using the “n-word”…mainly because they don’t want to mess up their money.

This is a picture taken in 1989 of artists coming together to boycott the Grammy’s because they wouldn’t televise their award categories. Do you think that will happen today?

So, yeah.  Our young ladies and young men are in trouble.  The images they see and, even worse, the celebrations of said images are what they have to go on.  Even though they (may) have people in their ear telling them, “you don’t have to do that.” But.  What they see tho….

3.  I’m irritated at this because Nicki Minaj DOES have a point.  The smaller framed, white images that are posted in thongs get celebrated on the cover of magazines.  They are being sexy.  And they are given accolades for that.  But Nicki, who has a big butt, gets chastised? Am I trying to make this a race thing? No, but let’s not ignore the facts.

4. I’m irritated because where are the open letters from owners of hip-hop websites to get male artists in line? Do you hear how they talk about women? Hell, Rick Ross blatantly talked about drugging and then having sex with women? Where is the call, from owners, to check him? Women are talked about as pieces of property who are good for nothing other than (maybe consensual) sex in music EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Women are casually referred to as hoes and bitches in music EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Men make records encouraging their brothers to sell dope. Glorifying violence.

Where is the outrage and open letters from these men who are leaders?


Now.  In this, I had to ask myself a couple of questions, and answer them honestly.

1. What about Lil Kim? Foxy Brown? They weren’t the most wholesome images of women either.  True.  But…I think an issue with Nicki is that it seems like she’s been using gimmicks to sell records.  The clothes, wigs, outrageous performances….but what about just…I dunno, rapping (back in the day you really did have to prove yourself as an artist)? Lil Kim and Foxy Brown solidified their places.  We knew what they could do. It just so happened they didn’t like to wear clothes a whole lot…and they were kinda filthy in their lyrics.  But it was never considered to be something they were “leaning” on to sell.  They didn’t have to. But Nicki…”Anaconda” was pushed back but she decided to give us…this in the meantime. So yeah.  That answers my question about that.

2. Now. Y’all know how I feel about my Beyonce.  And if you don’t then I don’t know, you must be new here.  One of her outfits for the On The Run Tour has her butt out.  It’s not a thong, but…well here…

So. Do you have a problem with this, Tasha? Well no.  No I don’t. At all, actually.  Well why not? *shrugs*

I’m sure it has something to do with 1. she’s Beyonce, and 2. there’s NO QUESTION if she’s using gimmicks to sell music.  And it’s on a tour that you had to pay to go to (she was in this outfit for like 2 seconds.  I was kind of disappointed, to be honest), not the cover art for her album. And she’s classy with it. LOL. I can’t explain that, but she just is. I know I’m biased. I KNOW this. But let me move on cause this can turn into a totally different kind of post.

No, I’m not outraged at Nicki.  Just…disappointed.  I just really thought we were going a different direction. And maybe I’m not in the whole “but what about the kids!?” camp, because I simply don’t expect her to care. She hasn’t indicated, at all (to ME, but I also don’t really just follow her like that), that she is out here to protect or be a positive role model for young girls. She’s a raunchy, vulgar rapper. Always has been. And she has multiple pictures of her being damn near naked….that she has voluntarily shared…on her personal social media pages. So yeah. Excuse me if I’m simply not shocked.

Bottom line, there’s one way society can stop artists from putting out these types of images.  There’s one way where we can SHOW (not say) that we won’t tolerate it.  <— STOP. SUPPORTING. IT. Stop paying for the foolishness.  Stop “liking” the half naked pics artists put up. Start expecting talent. Start DEMANDING talent. Period.

But. We all know that’s not gonna happen.  So, we carry on. And I guess we just wait for the next artist to show us their privates, just to get upset, and then request their song on the radio and buy their album. *shrugs*

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