The night before possible elimination, and James Harden was…out partying.

I love my team. And I’m SOOOO proud of the Houston Rockets. But just like every other Rockets fan who knows even a little bit about basketball, I completely understood what we were facing with Golden State. The ONLY thing I asked, is that they showed up. So I was pretty freaking happy with the first two games, except that whole last 8 seconds thing in game 2….but whatever.

And we just aren’t gonna talk about game 3 (we actually will in a second).

So okay. Tonight. Game four. I’m ready. But…imagine my surprise when my friend shared this with me last night…

I’m sorry. What?

Sooooo the night before we are probably gonna get swept possible elimination…you’re out…at a Drake concert?

I didn’t want to believe it. So. I did some research.


There are many many more tweets. But that’s all I needed.

This is unbelievable. No, he’s not the entire team, but I mean COME ON.

Not everybody is upset about this…

What is even more troubling is that there are some tweets saying that he was at V-Live (strip club) with Drake (he’s hosting Houston Appreciation Weekend) the night before game 3!?

Chris-Brown-James-Harden. geeksandcleats

harden clubbing




I’m over here building altars and petitioning the Lord for ONE win at home and he’s….


Maybe this isn’t so bad though, right? Like, maybe he just went to the concert (Drake got on around 10pm), had nothing to drink, then went STRAIGHT home and got proper rest for the game tonight, right?

Updated: May 26, 2015, 1:30pm

Two reasons for this post. First of all, to address the “Harden was in V-Live before game 3” situation…

I just saw this…


Yeah. Ok.


The next order of business is for me to formally say that I am here, eating my words.

I said that I would be pissed if James Harden didn’t put up 50 points after going to the Drake concert the night before game 4.

Well, he put up 45 and I’m counting “that” shot as 5 points, so yeah.

Eating my words!

You got it, Beard!



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