School Resource Officer Ben Fields has been fired.

In case you aren’t aware of what happened in this case, you can click here to read about (and see) how Ben Fields attacked a student while she was sitting in her desk.


The South Carolina sheriff’s deputy who assaulted a teen girl in a classroom is going to be fired Wednesday, according to NBC News.

An official announcement on the fate of Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields has yet to come, but the network said sources gave early word of Sheriff Leon Lott’s plan to oust the out-of-control officer. Lott is scheduled to give a press conference at noon.


Next steps? Arrested for assault AND the family needs to sue him for EVERYTHING he has. The family has PLENTY of proof to win. Actually, they should probably sue the department. Eh. Whatever. Just do it.

To those who are STILL saying that he was right…now what?

Also, I’ve seen people say that he was justified because she attacked him. Guys, y’all should get that checked out. You’re literally distorting reality just to fir your twisted narrative and naivete. It’s not healthy. I can refer you to some mental health services. Just let me know.


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