Oh, Steve Harvey….The mistake that was heard around the universe

Unless you’re living under a rock, or aren’t on social media at all, or don’t watch TV at all, you’ve heard about probably one of the biggest and most embarrassing mistakes on live tv that happened last night. If not, well…here…


That was awkward. And sad.

I’m just not sure how one misreads this.

Media preview

The card is clear. I saw something last night saying the teleprompter said something different or whatever, but I mean….

Sheesh. I don’t know.

Now, there are a few reactions I’d like to address….


Really? Of course, this isn’t representative of ALL Colombians, but come on. This is doing the most and for your queen who still lost.

Okay, then there was this…

Out of curiosity, I did a search to see who else Gawker called a monster:

Okay. So most of these have monster quoted, and then Gawker used it outright for a man who is cutting off heads.

This is the same category they put Steve Harvey in.

Give me a damn break. He mad a HORRIBLE mistake, but Steve Harvey is no monster. Please.

And finally,

A co-winner?





Absofawkinglutely NOT.

Philippines won. Period. She shouldn’t have to share the title. What happened sucks, but Columbia did, in fact, lose. She’ll live.

I need everybody to settle down and take a breath.

This was a horrible mistake, but Steve Harvey broke no laws and the world will go on. He took full responsibility and at this point, there’s nothing else tha can be done.



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