Pastor Andy Thompson (WOCC) Made A TERRIBLE Move. Awful.

So this happened on Twitter.


Yes.  This was tweeted by Pastor Andy Thompson of World Overcomers Christian Church.  And you better believe that he is feeling the wrath all up in and through his mentions.

Oh.  He deleted this tweet, but…

Exactly.  Seriously? WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS HE THINKING!? You are a PASTOR!? Tweeting like you….aren’t? “These hoes?”  And furthermore, your advice for “saving marriage” is for women to “shine it up?”  Like it’s ALL our fault if our husbands stray?

BYE. I can’t.

So. NO man is looking for romance within his marriage? Just want sex, huh? K.

This has GOT to be an April Fools’ joke. GOTTA be.

Anyway. Some reactions:





Yes. Apparently he put out a video or whatever basically saying Twitter misunderstood him. O_O. I mean, it seems pretty clear to me…



NOPE.  This is one of THE most insincere “apologies” I’ve ever seen. BYE.






Yup.  It’s time for him to go.

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