Pharrell’s “GIRL” Album Cover Is Out…And Apparently There’s a Problem

Ok.  Stay with me here.  Cause I’m actually still trying to understand this myself.  I got on Twitter this morning to see that people were upset with Pharrell and figured out that it’s because of his album cover.  If I’m understanding correctly it’s because there aren’t any black women on there.  Or…at least black women who “look” black.  And, from what I saw the fact that he isn’t married to a black woman has been brought up as well.



In defense of Pharrell, people started putting up pictures where he HAS had black women around him such as this one…     But then…




(The picture above)





I like his style.  And to be honest, he made some GOOD points.  So from that, I get what I what I walked (scrolled) into.  So basically, some black women mentioned they were disappointed with his cover, and then black men (because now I realize that IS who I see reacting on my timeline) started telling black women that they are being silly for being disappointed.






If you aren’t aware of who Kola Boof is, go to Google.  Interesting stuff. I will agree that there are black men who seem to HATE black women.  They have an opinion of us that, at times, is very discouraging.  Like…

What do you all think?  Is this a “thing” or nah?

(The album is streaming a week early.  You can hear it on iTunes Radio.)

UPDATED:  February 26, 2014 2:45pm

I decided to update this because I appreciate the perspective given here.

















VERY much so needed perspective. Why do we desire to be represented in these types of images?

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