Police (incident) report of Dez Bryant incident…

Although we still don’t have the video, here’s the police report of the incident that happened in 2011 outside of a Walmart:

Dez Bryant Police Report


Yesterday it was pointed out to me that this IS the same guy who put his hands on his own mother.

Tuh. Completely slipped my mind. SMH


So. No arrest was made, and it seems like the young lady (who was seen being DRAGGED!?) said that nothing happened.

What seems to be the case here, is that the video tells a different story. From my understanding, several media outlets have screenshots from the video, so it definitely exists. However, they aren’t putting it out there because they don’t want to face a lawsuit (at least that’s what one said yesterday).

Media outlets are contacting their legal teams, and from what I understand there is currently a bidding war going on for this video…one which includes Dez Bryant’s camp.

The thing about it is that no matter WHO gets their hands on this video, (1) it’s already out there now, (2) there are definitely copies and (3) it IS going to leak. It may not be today or tomorrow or next week, but we WILL see that video.

The bottom line is that it seems like Dez needs to do better, MUCH better, with the company he keeps. It seems as if that’s a concern of the Cowboys franchise as well.

Hope it’s not as bad as they say it is. Cause if so. Whew.


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