The Probate That Should’ve NEVER Happened

Since I had to bring light to the unfortunate events of another BGLO, the request was made that I show this to make ALL of use Greeks feel better about ourselves.

Yes.  It is a 20 minute video.  And yes. You need (NEED) to watch every single minute.

Pay attention…EVERYBODY.

This…this should’ve NEVER happened.  I knew we were in trouble around the :55 mark with those stairs.  And then the ace was OH so unconcerned. I mean did she have somewhere else to be?

The most troubling part is that they are being cosigned.  I think some people are just trolling, but their prophytes are….serious with cosignatures.

I need help to understand. This was 100% avoidable.  It is a tragedy and an embarrassment.

The 3:40 -4:04 mark. WHY.

Around the 4:50 mark – they just greeted their sorors and the ace is tapping her foot waiting for them to get done with their call. WUT.


9:30. More dancing that didn’t have to happen.

12:00 – the “reveal” *this is so painful*

Y’all…the back of their shirts say “SWAG”

I’m soooo confused because their prophytes has zero shame and even joined them after it was done in a strut. Like….y’all didn’t see that?

I’m convinced there’s something that we all don’t know.  Cause…people are there and are supportive. And at MY school you would’ve heard some snickering or SOMETHING. Well…at my school this wouldn’t have ever happened in the first place.

Somebody, help!

UPDATE: My attention was just drawn to this…LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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