Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion (Part 2 Review)

I appreciated this Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.  Mainly because Cynthia FINALLY got a voice.


-I’m glad that she let Kenya know that she violated Porsha.

-I’m here for NeNe getting Kenya together, guys. The look on her face after Kenya said, “Don’t make me call Marlo” was of pure stank and disgust.

-NeNe is a robot. She has zero emotion. She cares about nobody (not any adult at least).  DEFINITELY not any of these women.

-Oh did y’all catch Andy check her real quick (“We do give a sh*t and you’re on a show so….”)? YASSSSS Andy! Don’t you forget from where your (consistent) checks come from, ma’am!

-NeNe keeps on saying she is an excellent friend. WHERE ARE THE RECEIPTS, MA’AM!!!!!


-I actually don’t know what to say about her.  She is ridiculous, delusional, and sooooo full of shyt.

-Kenya has WAY too much that can be thrown up in her face for her to be so messy, hateful, and just plain mean.  All of these women are talking to her like she is the scum of the earth and she can’t even come back with anything.  Ma’am, the skeletons in your closet probably outnumber ALL of these women’s TOGETHER.  You really should be the nicest person on this planet.

-“Well the moose has spoken, so.” <— The best thing she said all show.


-Look at her drinking the sweetest kool-aid out of Kenya’s ass.

-This scene where she says NOTHING when NeNe calls her HUSBAND a bitch STILL baffles me.

-“It’s to the point where people think I live up NeNe’s ass, basically.  That’s how good of a friend I’ve tried to be to her.” <— STOP IT TODAY!  That is NOT the look of a good friend! That is the look of a weak woman who REFUSES to stand up to someone even when they are DEAD WRONG!

-I’m with NeNe on this situation with Cynthia.  If you’ve squashed it, you don’t get to come back and get all mad again cause now people are seeing that you are ridiculously weak and won’t even stand up to NeNe for your HUSBAND.  No. You moved on and accepted that WEAK apology from NeNe, ma’am.  Should’ve dealt with it properly then.

-But I also agree with Cynthia.  NeNe can tell Cynthia that she’s wrong, but when the tables turn it’s a problem. <— Which is why Cynthia should’ve chunked the deuce at this friendship a looooong time ago.

-Ugh. Now I feel bad for her (these tears). I really do believe that she considered NeNe to be a friend, but she’s just GOT to get a backbone man.

-“I don’t want her to *feel* for me, I want her to RESPECT me.” – That sentence, complete with the look on her face when she said it, is the Cynthia that I need to see.  That right there.


-“I miss NeNe, but I’ll be okay.” <— Yes, Cynthia.  Yes.


-“All my life I had to fight” <– LOL

-Kandi and all of this crying when she talks to/about her mom. *rolls eyes* Talking about her hurt feelings.  Girl your mom is a TRIFLIN broad who will continue to wreak havoc on your grown life….CAUSE YOU LET HER.

-Even now she is shading Kandi and her(now) husband. I can’t do this.  There is no way. No.

Mama Joyce

-I could tell, from the FIRST word out of her evil little troll mouth, that this here woman is not well.  At least bought a new shiny wig for the reunion.

-Wait. Mama Joyce has a Twitter? O_o

-Y’all.  She is an embarrassment.  If that was my mom I would’ve told Andy to excuse us cause we need to go have a talk in the back.

-“Do you work now?”  “Oh no, I don’t have to.” <– Y’all.  Seriously.  I actually don’t know what to say.  Is she trying to show out cause she’s on the show?  What is this?  You’re BRAGGING because your child takes care of you? I mean, I would take care of my mom too but there WOULD need to be some humility in there somewhere. I mean wow.

-The slit on her dress showing her thigh meat is offending me.

-Somebody tell this broad that “going through” a lot for your kids DOES. NOT. GIVE. YOU THE RIGHT to act like a complete ass.  Ugh.  I want Andy to escort her out right now cause Kandi sure can’t do anything with her.

-Isn’t this woman like 83? Sitting up here trying to get hand claps and cosigns from the peanut gallery?  I can’t with her.


-“If he strayed, it wasn’t with you, bound woman.”  <– LISTEN!

-She didn’t contribute to this hour but these looks and giggles she gave almost killed me.

HOLD UP!  It looks like next week’s show is about to be FIYA!!! YASSSS!!!!

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