Sometimes I’m ready to embrace removing spanking entirely off the table….but then… {video}

Just watch (NSFW language in here):

“You hit me with that you will lose your LIFE” — that got him together.

^^ Basically.

This made me want to go grab a belt and get my swinging arm READY to show my possible future kids that if. they. were. to. EVER.


Where are the parents?

I have so many questions.  One of them is why he was allowed to do all of that damage in the first place? Grown men sitting up there watching. Dude at the end got fed up tho.

And it looks like this is a regular occurrence? The guy behind the video says he had to snatch him up the day before?


The kid would be banned from stepping foot inside any establishment within a 3 mile radius fooling with me.


To be honest, I’m thinking there is something seriously going on with this kid emotionally. But, unless he has a documented mental illness then I say put some fire to his behind to let him know this is NOT an acceptable way to deal with your issues/feelings.

HOWEVER, on the other hand (I never intended to get so deep with this), I’m thinking there is a serious lack in parental involvement and supervision. A cry for help/attention, maybe? Yeah. But still. NO.


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