RHOA: “50 Shades of Shade” (S:7, E:9)

Once again, I’m weeks behind (this is from January 4th) so this will be brief!


– Soooo Todd is involved in Kandi Coated Nights as well?

– Juuuuust want her to wear clothes that fit.

– I don’t agree with Kandi blindsiding these women with this “bondage game.” No. If they want to be close to each other, then they will.  This is so stupid. I hate it.

– However, I appreciate the concept of this party. I think more women, especially married women, need to get together and have open and honest conversations about sex. There’s a lot we don’t know!


– I see Cynthia is about to lose more money on Peter, huh? Guys, this “spot” is atrocious. But she says she’s a visionary so…eh.

-Peter is TERRIBLE at owning a business and making it a success. This is like, the 3rd or 4th spot for Bar One (or whatever the name of his bars have been), huh?

– EH. I don’t know if this business partner thing is gonna work with them.

– PLEASEEEEEEE leave NeNe ALLLLLLL the way alone, everybody. Please. Like, for forever? ESPECIALLY Cynthia. NeNe has publicly embarrassed her multiple times and continues to go back and forth in terms of their “friendship.” No ma’am. Leave her alone, Cynthia.


– Her manager texted her to call him?

– She said playing the wicked step-mom in Cinderella is going to be a stretch for her because she isn’t mean.

OH. NENE. GIRL. You will be JUST fine. Trust me. In fact, you probably won’t even need to learn a script.  You can improvise and all will be well.  That mean runs deep in you, Sis.

– I am SO sick of NeNe, guys. Kenya tried to give her a hug and she totally shaded her. And in THE most immature ways possible. But I thought at that little lunch…. chile. I cannot.  NeNe would have one, and I do mean ONE, time to do that to me.  She’d NEVER get the opportunity to do so again. Just wow. How rude and childish.

– Nobody is asking you to be fake (you have that down pat tho). They are only asking you to be cordial. Ugh. The nerve.

– NeNe is bipolar and rude AF and nobody should be her friend.


– I like that when she feels a certain way (at this party with NeNe), she walks right on up and handles it then. And she isn’t catty about it, either.  She could’ve confronted NeNe, but she pulled her to the side instead.

– OMG NeNe blatantly told her that she shaded her because of who she is associated with. IS THIS MIDDLE SCHOOL!?


– She is trying to kill people who come close to the gate! LOL

– “No one respects me for some reason.” <— Apollo. REALLY?

– Sorry, Apollo. But when you aren’t coming home, and aren’t contributing financially, and have threatened divorce and are about to go to jail, you kinda don’t have a say in this one. *shrugs*


– The relationship she has with her aunt is great.

– Love the white blazer/cape she has on.


– “I dated him too.” <— OOP!!!!!!!! (did y’all see NeNe’s face when she (Gosha?) said that? LOL)

– She’s constantly repeating everything ole girl is saying. TRAGIC!

– She thinks Gosha is lying? HA HA HA HA! GIRL! Your man wasn’t claiming you for all of those 7.5-8 years! GET A CLUE!!!!! WAKE UP!

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