RHOA: “Divide and Ki-Ki” (S:7, E:11)


– Oh so she’s STILL going in on NeNe, huh? COOL.

– WELP. Claudia shut Porsha up real quick, huh? HAAAAAA!!!!

– The camera zoomed in on Claudia’s feet at the pool. LOL

– Claudia knows ALLLL the tea!


– Now she’s listing off her material possessions. LMAO! Oh this is GREAT!!!!! Ma’am!

– Porsha, Phaedra, and Kandi are all disgusting me for cosigning this behavior from NeNe. Sitting up at this table cackling over her immaturity. It’s disturbing to me. Oh and Phaedra has REALLY got some nerve. Man..

– Oh wait. WAIT. So she’s reprimanding Phaedra now? I’m confused….

– She says she feels bad. I’m not getting sucked in. She apologized (so far not to the people she needs to send that apology to) and then goes back and does the same ish. Nope.

– NeNe started this off all wrong…”sometimes people say things and snatch accolades” girl WHAT? You mean YOU? YOU do that? What a bully.


– Her butt. WHEW.


– Gawd. She’s doing a redo of sex talk night. For why, Lawd!?

– Well I guess I spoke too soon.  It actually worked out. The ladies look like they had fake fun.


– Sitting up here acting like she wasn’t throwing shade. BYE, ma’am.

– “I had no intentions of offending her or throwing shade.” <— Why is she lying so hard?


– This is big of her to go to Phaedra to apologize.  I mean BIG. Especially when she wasn’t the one who started this.

– Wow…they are late to her show…this is the ENTIRE reason they are even there!

– Heyyyy so I”m feeling this single, “100”….yes ma’am, Demetria!

– WAIT! I thought Da Brat started dressing like a woman again?

– Demetria looks and sounds great!!!


– WTH is Porsha wearing (to Kandi’s event)? Well, I guess they ARE about to be on the beach but this looks like lingerie??

– “There you go knocking my accomplishments..” <— Porsha. Sis.  You are on a national tv show. Your “accomplishment” is…selling hair?

– “You’re such a contradictory.” <—- Stop talking Porsha. And I don’t ever think she understood the error of her ways. SMH.

– Wait. Did she threaten Kenya with a lawsuit???  BYE!!!

– Y’all noticed that she never denied what Claudia said, huh?

Okay! So I’m all caught up now!  And you know what? I really want these women to stop it with NeNe. I want them to stop trying to be her friend. I want them to stop trying to fix it. I want them to stop trying to get her to understand her ways. She’s awful. And she doesn’t deserve friends. The way she goes back and fourth with “oh yeah now we’re friends” to “ohhhh no I wouldn’t call us friends” is deplorable. And as one of these ladies said, she’s nasty, mean, and rude, and she’s happy to be nasty, mean, and rude.

So to sum it all up:

Anyway, that’s the main thing that’s bothering me right now. I guess we’re about to see what’s going down with Claudia and Kordell, huh? My my my.



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