RHOA: “Make-Ups and Breakdowns” (S:7, E:6)

The Dinner

– “I never thought you would take our damn friendship and throw it away in front of people who could care less about whether we were friends or not.” – Nene <– My goodness. This is coming from an authentic place, guys. Whew. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

– Nene said (in her confessional) she wants Cynthia to understand that Cynthia has hurt her. And I think she should…just SAY that. Say, “You hurt me.” I think Nene uses every other word to try and explain how she feels, other than the ones that need to be said (a lot of us do this).

– I understand Nene’s point of view on this. Maybe because she’s FINALLY articulating it.

– All of that hot shyt Cynthia was talking was masking the fact that she misses Nene. AND THAT IS OKAY. It’s okay to miss your close friend when they suddenly aren’t’ in your life anymore. But I’m glad they (seemingly) have worked it out.

– Gosh. I love seeing this reconciliation. Love seeing sisters work it out.


– She said she doesn’t know if she and Cynthia will ever be best buddies again, and I get it. ┬áThat was a very damaging situation from Nene’s perspective and it’s going to take some time (and ALOT of awkwardness!) to get things back to “normal,” if they ever get back that way.


– Peter is horrible. He doesn’t understand that sometimes, grown people don’t have to hold grudges when both parties have talked and apologized? Ugh. Chastizing a woman, your WIFE, for being happy that a fight has been reconciled with someone she used to be very close with? Come on.

– Peter said he understands they are friends but HE doesn’t want to go back to that? Sir. This is a friendship between two WOMEN. MAYBE, just MAYBE, if you stopped inserting yourself into their friendship then you wouldn’t be this worn out? WTH?

– Okay, wait. Back up. So having Nene as a friend was messing up their sex life? Oh no, Cynthia. No ma’am. Your husband is happy that your friend is out of your life because he has a better wife? No no no. That’s on you, Sis.

– Peter is CHILDISH. Wow.

– It’s unfornuate (yet understandable) that she’s insecure about this fashion show. She’s such a beautiful woman.

– Aye! Leon is looking like he wants that old thang back at this fashion show! HA!


– Todd can be kind of interesting at times. I’m just gonna leave that there.

– Of course you want to put it behind you…it’s YOUR mother who is being awful.

– Y’all. Todd’s mother came out the gate with it! “Your mama, number one…” <—- iDied.

– This is an early marriage full of tension. Whew.

– “That’s just how my mom rolls.” <—- Not okay, Kandi.

– Okay…ummmm but Todd has got to check his mom for calling Kandi’s mom a bitch. It works both ways.


– Derek J and these feet squeezed inside these pumps has got me WEAK.

So. It’s currently after 1am. I TOTALLY had the intention of waiting to view the newest episode until tomorrow (later today), but I just saw the preview. So. Yeah. Next!


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