RHOA: “Puerto Read-Co!” (S:7, E:10)

Here we go with one of these trips that never turn out well. Oh well, bring the drama!


– Okay. So let’s talk about the toes. So, from how she was talking (and others reacting), I was thinking there was something wrong with her actual toe shape or something. Like, they were crooked or whatever.  Her feet are actually nice, she just has corns! Um. A lot of them. What I don’t understand, however, is why hasn’t she gotten this taken care of before now? It’s something that can be fixed!? And that’s just GOTTA hurt. Plus the bunion? Ouch.

In case you need a refresher…

– WHOA! The doc said her corns are a pretty mild case! YIKES!

– Wait… Sheesh.

– This look on Claudia’s face when NeNe made her little comments has made me nervous.

– WELP. Turns out that look was for good reason… y’all as I am typing this Claudia is reading THE FAWK out of NeNe and I am HERE. FOR. IT.  THIS, ma’am, is a READ.

^^ I couldn’t help myself.

“When you were my age, you had edges.” BISH YOU BETTER GO INNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

“Spell bridesmaids.” <— I’m losing my ish over here, guys.

“It’s like Ramen noodles that’s uncooked on her head.” <— Claudia. I love you, okay?

– She just may be my new favorite housewife.


– She’s looking for an assistant…….with…..for…..?????


– Her many faces as Claudia was reading NeNe. That is all.


– She better sing! In fact, click here to hear her cover “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston! She really has a voice!

– God bless her heart. She’s totally blind when it comes to Roger. SMH 8 years. EIGHT. YEARS. And she said she’s giving him a chance to make sure that’s what he wants (or something like that)? GIRL.

– She said Roger Bobb is the one who is taking her on these trips…but….no, he isn’t cause…he’s not there.

– “She’s so late and old and dry” – Demetria’s stylist on Phaedra.  WELP! Ha ha ha!

– Addressing this Phaedra shade head on. YES MA’AM. I agree this probably wasn’t the time or the place, but Phaedra was begging for her to do it. Demetria simply couldn’t take it anymore. I understand. *shrugs*

– If I was Demetria I would send these ungrateful hoes packing IMMEDIATELY. I’m serious. This is so rude and I’m so irritated because WHO DOES THIS to someone who has paid for your trip?

– “Boom. I’m YOUNGER than you.” – Demetria to Phaedra. YASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

“All we have in common is the number 8.  Yours is going, mine has been here for 8.” <———— BISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BETTER GO INNNNN DEMETRIA! Y’all I LITERALLY hollered. OMG. I don’t feel bad for Phaedra AT ALL. She’s been acting so rude to Demetria. She has some nerve.


– LOVE Cynthia’s shirt! This big bow! YASSSS!!!!

– I love how she was internally cheering when Claudia was going in on NeNe. She kept it classy on the outside tho.


– So ungrateful with this hotel room. I can’t even.

– What I am seeing right now is the demise of NeNe and ANY maturity that I THOUGHT was left in her. Do y’all understand how pathetic this is? Her behavior at this table is as if she was closer in age to a 6 than to 60. I’m so done with her. My goodness she’s changed. For the absolute WORST.

– LOL at NeNe not being able to keep up with Claudia so calling her a half-breed. SMH Ole washed up, filled up, blown up tramp. Ugh. I can’t stand her.


– She’s like me.  Totally not understanding this 8 year relationship without some indication that it’s headed toward marriage.

– All of this shade….


– At the airport….as usual….doing too much

Hey guys.  Just a question.  Can we leave invisible boyfriends in 2014?


K. Thanks!

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