RHOA: “Tea With a Side of Squashed Beef” (S:7, E:8)


– $5,500 a month for office space.  No hate, no shade…but HOW SWAY? I know Kenya has other business ventures, and maybe she does a lot of background projects that we don’t see…but this looks like it’s a bit much. Eh.

– “I don’t know what Nene has up her sleeve…or hoof…” <— iDied.

– At this lunch, why is she inputting on NeNe and Cynthia’s situation? That has nothing to do with her?


– Kandi sat up here and said that Sharon said she was going to punch Mama Joyce in the face. She SAID this. OUT LOUD. IN FRONT OF Mama Joyce…and her sisters. What?

– Kandi’s play isn’t selling, huh?

– Todd says he’s not going to be around on the holidays that her mother is there, because he doesn’t want his mom around Mama Joyce. And I don’t blame him. At all. And I can’t believe Kandi is really sitting up here trying to justify telling her mom about the punching in the face statement. She said she “had” to. Girl. Bye, Kandi. Shyt’s frustrating, yo.

– Whew. Todd said he doesn’t want to be around her mother, at all. And yup. Again, don’t blame him. Her mother is evil.

^^ YUP.


– I cannot imagine living in a household where you don’t know when/if your husband is coming home. No. Choose. Either you’re here, or you aren’t. No. This is so sad. And what Apollo doesn’t seem to understand is that not only is he missing from his wife’s presence, he’s missing from his children’s  as well. Not a good look.

– Saw some interesting reactions to Phaedra’s “black women are naturally strong” strong statement:

^^ COMPLETELY agree!


– Whoa. Cynthia has on a lot of pink.

That is all.


– The hair.

All of the following for the hair:

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– And…


– FIRST of all, I hate when I am blindsided. I think it’s unfair of her to invite Porsha and Kenya without letting the other know that they are going to be there. Let me make the choice to attend or not.

– Wait…why can’t she have lunch with Cynthia for a few years? I’m confused?

– And I am STILL needing to know what happened between NeNe and Cynthia.


– Derek J doing these styles that I’ve seen ladies do on Youtube in their mama’s kitchen. And better. I hope they didn’t pay him for that.

– And what is it with these women needing her to have a certain “look” all the time?

– And when she went to meet her mother and grandmother her hair is right back to what it’s always been.


– She said she’s 41? I wouldn’t have guessed that.


– Yes. Kenya was annoying. But coming out the gate calling her a bitch? No ma’am. HOWEVER, I do understand her being in a negative space after being blindsided with Kenya being there in the first place. Still…

– Porsha is showing how young she is. While, yes, Kenya was wrong in how she treated Porsha, she WAS the first one to put her hands on her.  On the other hand, I understand her wanting Kenya to acknowledge her part in the whole situation. But whatever. It *looks* like they are ready to move past it. For now.

{featured image via Alex Martinez/BRAVO}


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