RHOA: “The Shades of it All”


She looks AMAZING. Finally!

Also, so happy for her and Todd with the baby!

Riley looks cute!


Cynthia needs to let Peter’s raggedy a** go. Like BEEN.

If Cynthia was real she should’ve been ready to burn that house down to the ground when he walked in. And for a second, it looked like she was the type.

The fact that he is making light of this situation when Cynthia is so upset? Just ugh. And the fact that Cynthia isn’t focusing on the issue is ridiculously naive. That video is a deal. And he’s telling her to watch it again. Ew. He’s gross and makes me SICK.


Cynthia! Girl! EVERYBODY knows Peter cheats on you!

Yes, for better or for worse. But Sis, you STAY in the “worse.”

Malorie is being a good sister.


Cynthia is rude AF for being this late to her own event.

OKAYYYY. So that statement I made about Mal being a good sister? I TAKE IT BACK. I can’t believe this broad just told all these women about their private conversation. Disgusting. And I hope Cynthia finds out about it.

Cynthia looks GORGEOUS at her event.


So she made it back up to one of the housewives, huh?

She’s in that lovey dovey caking stage with her boo and I’m here for it!

However. Um. He’s not quite that… um. Charismatic? Lol. She had to tell him to take his book bag off. Lmao. Whatever. You like it, I love it.


This house? Lmao.

Y’all. When Cynthia saw it!? “Oh.” Bwahahahaha!!!

I get that Kenya is upset, but this is not the time and it’s DEFINITELY not the place. Peter is in the wrong, but there was no reason to continue to engage him at Cynthia’s event.

Kenya TRIED it with Sheree and got read real quick. Ma’am. So out of line. Ugh.


You know what? These women are too damn old to be carrying on like this in public. What kinds of “friends” are these (I already know the answer) who can’t take ONE. NIGHT. to be drama free and celebrate Cynthia? Ugh. They are the worst.

*side note* I LOVE Marlo!

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