Richard Sherman is Now Signing Autographs With “Sorry Crabtree”





Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is apparently signing autographs of his NFC championship play with the additional tagline: “Sorry Crabtree.”

This is in reference to his now-infamous feud with 49ers’ WR Michael Crabtree.

As simple as the tagline is, it’s actually quite clever because it can be read in multiple ways. One, he could be apologizing to Crabtree. Or two, the more likely option, he’s making light of calling Crabtree a “sorry receiver” after the NFC title game.

You be the judge.

{via BleacherReport}

WHEW!  As if that winning play (and later comments) wasn’t enough to sting Crabtree, this right here? Salt in the wound.

Yes, he could be fake apologizing to Crabtree, but he also could be calling Crabtree sorry.

Honestly, does it even matter which one it is? LOL

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