“Ride, Sally, Ride” Scandal (review)

So.  Scandal is back. And I would just like us all to remember that the LAST time Scandal came on Beyonce then surprised us with a history making album.  So now I’m all anxious cause what if Bey…oh…wait…I digress.*clears throat*

I wasn’t supposed to do this tonight, but for the sake of the people….here we go.

-Oh. So Fitz and Liv just don’t care anymore, huh?


-Oh, Sally. Sis.  You just…aren’t gonna win.  But…go ahead, hun.

-Ugh. I’m SO over Fitz and his hot and cold emotions. Liv should be too.


-Wait. So Liv likes her dad now? Oh yeah. Cause her mom is the devil too.

-Oh, James. Poor, weak, naive, will never ever learn James.

-“The married man you’re sleeping with…” <—- He just called his daughter a whore to her face. Welp!

-“Spoke to me about how you taste….” <—- Almost forgot about that. Whew! No. 

-“The devil murdered my husband. He snuck inside me.” <—- Sally. SIS.


-She’s still seeing Charlie!?

-Oh so she’s snatching kids now, huh? Aiight, Quinn. May your death be slow and painful. Slow. And. Painful.

– Liv and these coats….and never taking them off.  LOL 🙂

– WHEW! This is the second time someone has called Liv a whore to her face in this one episode. LOL

-The only thing about this cute little lunch, Mellie, is that people read lips. So……

-WAIT. Fitz and Liv.  What is this? He JUST kicked her out his office a day ago…and now….kissing on her in the middle of a sentence (which is hot, by the way but still)….

-Uhhhh HARRISON?  Oh.  Harrison. Ok.

– Oh wait!  LOOK AT JAMES! HA!

-YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Liv!  Use Jake!  Use him in every way you….oh wait… *clears throat*  Moving right along….

-Ohhh Daddy Pope is about to fawk some ish up.

-Oh wait!? Mellie’s gonna get her a boo!? I’m here for it.  It’s bout time.

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