Scandal: “Gladiators Don’t Run” Review

1. We had a violence warning before this episode. I’m worried.

2. Oh look. Abby is FINALLY figuring stuff out. Cute.

3. “You’re not a Gladiator anymore.” – HUCK (to Abby). Yes sir. But ouch.

4. So apparently the President of the United States isn’t aware of our financial situation. K.

5. Oh, what happened, Andrew. You made a deal with a crook and it didn’t go smoothly!? You trusted these people and…well…it backfired? Oh.

6. Huck has billions of dollars. LMAO! He took the B613 money!


7. WAIT! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ian’s dead, y’all. Lawd.

Y’all. Liv JUST got her hair done. And now there’s blood all in it? That’s so unfair.

8. Oh what this dude (Gus?) WOULDN’T do?????? is touch me. NOPE. He’d have to just kill me. NOPE.

9. Oh sign the damn papers, Andrew. You’re done either way.

10. “Going to war for your side piece…” <— WELP.

Oh Andrew…BUT…


12. By the way. Does Andrew not understand that his only other option besides resignation is….death? And probably a tortuous one? He knows this, right?

13. Mama Pope not even trying to hear none of that ish, bruh. She wants some sun and some grass and she don’t care bout none of that other stuff.

14. “Oh Lizzy Bearrrrrrr!” <—- LMAO!

15. “You will, however, be my b*tch until the end of time.” <— My gawd!

16. Wait, Huck’s gotta kill everybody!? :-(((

17. By the way, is there something a little….different…about Mama Pope’s face?

So now, this happened^^^this is when Huck goes in….and now we’re on commercial…and now I’m a little worried…

18. “It’s over, honey.” <—- Mellie to Andrew.

“I still got you, Babe.” <—- Andrew to Mellie. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh wait. He’s threatening to tell everything about Mellie’s sex? Whew.

19. Guys. I think it’s clear that the only option is for Andrew to die.

20. Ummmm. HUCK.





In the room….everywhere. Blood…omg…

Okay. Um. Somebody gotta get Huck some help.

Breh. Huck went all the way mental on them.

21. Liv is spittin that talk.


22. WELP, Liv. Didn’t work. You misread his dreams.

23. “I don’t have to tell you a thing! You ain’t my woman!” – David to Abby, basically. *shrugs*

24, Abby said Olivia is her best friend?

25. WAIT. Did Mellie just say she wants to be POTUS???

26. Bish.


27. Oh, Father. They wanna kill Olivia. “Neutralize.” I can’t. I am not able.

28. Huck gotta get some help.


I need everybody to take a breath.

29. This speech about the soldiers? This is a weird transition or whatever. It doesn’t really fit?

30 – 50. BET THE WINNER IS PAPA POPE!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!



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