Scandal: “Paris is Burning” & “Dog-Whistle Politics” (I’m all caught up!)

This review is for last week’s episode, “Dog-Whistle Politics.”

  1. The show has been on for 5 minutes and I feel exhausted because they are TALKING TOO FAST! OMG. WHYYYYY do they have to still do this?
  2. “Do I want to be a gladiator in a suit? Hell naw.” – WELP. Quinn just got read real quick, huh?
  3. Is it me, are are you over the President of the United States constantly having to be reminded that…he’s the President of the United States (by his mistress?)?
  4. “They want to impeach a man for having an affair?” – Cyrus wasn’t ready for the answer to this. LOL
  5. “He distracted the country with his libido and the only person who gets raked over the coals is the woman he screwed. That’s why.” – Mellie. WHEW. Welp.
  6. Fitz playing hide and seek with Teddy made me smile…. Awww shyt. Mellie got that, “Can we work it out” look in her eyes. Girlllll. I need her to NOT let this man tell her he doesn’t want her not one more time.
  7. Ahhhhhh. So this is how they are going to replace Columbus Short. Hmmm. I like Marcus Walker.
  8. Hold up. This man told the POTUS TO. HIS. FACE. to choose a woman more “palatable” to the party the next time he decides to step outside of his marriage!? And he DIDN’T get popped in the mouth!?!?!?!? BIIIIIIIIIIISH. No. Fitz gotta grant this man the fade (via his security team, of course).
  9. Ahhh. Shonda is touching on internet/social media harassment, here.
  10. Liv needs to go see a therapist. For this and for SO MUCH MORE.
  11. Here goes Jake putting on his cape and saving _____. *rolls eyes* What’s her name. Elise? Ugh. Here we go. “Come back with me.”
  12. Cyrus is talking about what Fitz did to “us.” Mellie knew what this was when she let Cyrus be on her team. Cyrus is a bitter bish whose ONLY angle is to get back at the President.
  13. WHOA! Cyrus told Mellie that she never loved Fitz. OH WOW.  He brought up her dead kid. Waiiiiiiiiiiiit…Cyrus referenced Fitz as his child….BUT WHERE IS HIS CHILD!? Doesn’t he have a black baby somewhere? We’re just gonna ignore that!? WHERE IS THE BLACK BABY!?
  14. HA HA HA! Fitz took the presidential motorcade to Liv’s house!!!!! *Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” – Stevie Wonder playing in the background. *snaps fingers*
  15. “I’m taking my girlfriend on a date.” – Fitz. UGHHHHH I hate that this made me all giggly. RATS.  And LOOK at Mellie not being able to take it. What’s wrong with her? LOL. This was happening. In fact, didn’t Mellie bring Olivia back into Fitz’ life after she left (like 2 seasons ago, I think)?

Okay. So briefly about the previous episode, “Paris Is Burning” (10/8)….

My favorite parts:

  2. When Cyrus tried to get his job back and Fitz was like NOPE! “You. do not. work here. anymore.” And he said it with a sigh! HA!!! Fitz wouldn’t even look at him during his little “please take me back” speech!!! Then, “You can go.”  
  3. BYE, CYRUS!

The part I hated:

  1. Mellie’s hair.

The end.

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