Is “Scandal” Still Good?

This was written in the comments section of my Scandal review on Facebook:

Real talk. After watching HOC, does scandal just seem to be not as entertaining as before?

Uh oh.

But.  Then I started to think.  If you haven’t seen “House of Cards” then you really can’t make the comparison.  It’s a brilliant show (although it is making me REALLY angry right now – I’m on episode 17).  Someone was starting on the first season of HOC and asked me if Scandal was as good (he hadn’t watched Scandal at all).  I had just completed the first season of HOC and I told him that this was the difference;  Scandal is good because of the relationship drama mixed in.  If that wasn’t in there to the extent that it is, then it probably wouldn’t do well.  HOC is good….just  because it’s good.  It’s brilliant.  Full of drama and twists and turns.  It’s just good.

Comparing the two, I see why HOC won at the Golden Globes and Scandal didn’t. I’m just being honest.

Now.  Don’t get me wrong.  I will still be tuned in every Thursday for my excuse to slide my morals to the side.  BUT.  Last night I found myself rolling my eyes at the part where Liv was saying she was going to resign and Fitz kissing her in the middle of her sentence.  I literally rolled my eyes.  Cause…I mean…this happens every single episode, right?  Also, I’m tired of the bits and pieces of Harrison’s story.  I almost don’t care.  Almost.  And if you’ve been following me for a little bit then you know I am not here for Quinn.  Her looking longingly out that window made me want to slit her throat my damn self.

Here’s my disclaimer.  Last night I was REALLY tired.  Between work and class, I was just exhausted.  Also, I was way over the loooooong wait for this show to come back on.  I just wasn’t anticipating it like I thought I would.  In fact, I honestly didn’t think I was going to watch it at all.  I told one of my classmates that I would catch it today and was just gonna go home and go to bed.  But we see that didn’t happen.  So yeah.  I had an attitude problem.

All in all, yes, I think “Scandal” is still good.  But…it’s not in the category of HOC.  That’s just the truth.  Both shows are extremely unrealistic, but HOC is kind of in a different place.   Scandal puts me in a “YASSSSSSSSSSSSS” place, while HOC puts me in a “OMG” place. That’s the best way I can explain it.  Plus, Scandal’s cast is sexy.  So that’s that.

What do you all think?

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