Sister2Sister Magazine Thinks We’re All Just Dumb (Re:Mimi Faust)

There is nothing worse than being “talked” to like I don’t have an ounce of common sense. Or trying to make me believe something that is OBVIOUSLY a lie.

This is EXACTLY what Sister2Sister Magazine tried to do this morning.

The soon-to-be released sex tape of Mimi Faust “performing” with her boyfriend Nikko was not leaked by the couple, according to anonymous sources.

Nikko’s bag was stolen when he was on vacation in the Bahamas, the sources told Sister 2 Sister about the footage that was later acquired by Vivid Entertainment.

While Wendy Williams and others have questioned whether they released the footage themselves and assumed that a third person was present to record the adult activities, the two are apparently known for using a tripod to help chronicle the “great sex” they have.

According to the reliable sources, Mimi has heard the criticism from her co-stars, including her ex’s new wife, Joseline Hernandez, and wonders why the former “other woman” is so upset about the video. “Why she mad? Joseline took her man. Why is she commenting on anything Mimi does?” asked our source.

While Mimi’s critics have been very vocal about the release of the sex tape, she apparently has no regrets and would rather get paid for it herself than have others profit off of it. As for setting an example for her daughter, the source said one day Mimi will sit down and explain it to her when she’s old enough to ask about it.

Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta is scheduled for release next month.

This “reliable source” is just as full of s*** as S2S Magazine is for trying to make this believable.

1. So Nikko just so happened to have the “footage” in a bag that was stolen…. And whoever stole it gave it to Vivid? Ok.

2. Mimi is wondering why Joseline is commenting on what she does? Ummm. Kinda like what she’s done to Joseline in the past? Get this delusional broad outta here.

3. You’re dumb…AF… if you think that’s a tripod (or ONLY a tripod). So now they’re “known to use a tripod?” Stop it.  Really.  You’re losing your credibility with every word that’s posted here.

4. She’ll explain to her daughter her thot-bucket ways….when she’s old enough to ask? Great plan,  Mimi. Boy aren’t you just a bundle of 41 year old wisdom.

5. STOP CALLING THIS A SEX TAPE! It’s porn. Mimi made a pornographic video with her boyfriend who suddenly became her fiancé when this news came out.


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