There’s a story on Twitter. #Zola. You need to read it. Brace yourself tho.

I logged on Twitter this morning and kept seeing references to “The Zola Story.” I, as usual, ignored it at first, but when I started seeing media (Complex, Bossip, etc) post about it and get a lot of responses, I decided to check it out.

Look. Just know that this is probably the greatest story in Twitter history.

There’s language. And hoeing. And murder, attempted suicide, and trapping. And possibly sex trafficking?

Annnnnnnd you’re gonna laugh (also, it’s very long).

A lot.

You’ve been warned (via Complex).


And just in case you need some proof…

By the way, people on Twitter HAVE found the Facebook profiles of all involved. LOL

Look. I literally had tears in my eyes reading this. I am ON. THE. FLOOR.


However, there’s one part of Zola that’s “eh” (aside from the obvious, LOL). She said she was hiding when Z went into the room, but then said where Z sat, etc. If you were hiding out of sight in the hallway of a hotel, how do you know where Z sat and looked, etc when he got in the room?

Zola’s (_@zolarmoon) gotta turn this into a screenplay or something. LOL.


UPDATED: 6:40pm

This just popped up…

And yeah. Imma go ahead and call BS on this. LOL.

Just somebody trolling looking for attention. Why?

Well this is one reason…

So “Z” is, at the very least, a real person. The story still may be fake, but I’m not gonna base that off of the above guy. Also, there are some people (strippers) in Florida who said this is EXACTLY how this stuff goes down there.


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