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Ask Tasha: Can bullying sometimes be handled with violence?

The Question: when it comes to our youth and the bullying “epidemic” are there situations where violence can be the answer? lol

(sent attached video)


My answer: YES.  I endorse EVERYTHING this girl did.  She tried to walk away.  They were following her.  Taunting her.  And she got tired of it. THAT’S. WHAT. SHE. GETS.


Should I Tell My “Friend” She’s Gaining Weight?

Got it?

So, eventually, I plan on starting an “Ask Tasha” segment on this here blog (using, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Just…waiting on a question I guess. LOL

Anyway, thinking about that got me to thinking about a question a male friend asked about a female “friend” (cause I’m sure she was more than a friend but not quite yet a girlfriend).  And I’m sure it’s a question many men may have about significant others.

And the answer is no.  Listen.  If you don’t believe ANYTHING else I say, please believe this.  Women, at least most of us, KNOW when we’ve gained weight.  We know it.  We see ourselves every single day.  We look at ourselves naked.  Any little change, we notice.  We buy our clothes. We know when something isn’t fitting the same. We know. We can probably tell you when the first stretch mark showed up. The conversations we’ve had with “the pudge.” We can tell you the days of the week we’re going to weigh more.  When we should get on the scale, and when we absolutely should not. We’ve cried talked about it with our close FEMALE friends. WE. KNOW.

So after answering that, he then asked how could he get her to care about her gaining weight?  The answer is simple.  You don’t.  If she’s cool (she’s actually probably going through a breakdown of some sort on the inside), then you either hold your interest to her, or you let her go (um. not talking about married couples, here).

“Let her go” may sound a little harsh, but I believe people deserve to be attracted to their significant others. And if you’re superficial enough to completely lose interest over some extra pounds, then you should let that person go for THEIR own good.  Let them find someone who will love them through their size 8s and size 18s.

That is all.