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Beyoncé Debuts “Partition” Video

If, for WHATEVER reason, you haven’t seen this Partition video yet?  Um.  I’ll just say it’s not really appropriate for work if other people can see your monitor.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



When I first saw this video (approximately 2:30am on December 13, 2013), I was like O_O.  And I. LOVE. IT.

Again, I will say, this ain’t for the kids.  Govern yourselves accordingly.

Watch Bey talk more about “Partition” here:

This was my favorite one. LOVE it.

Beyonce Performs New Songs for “The Mrs. Carter World Tour” (video)

(pic via Necole Bitchie)

The hardest working woman in the industry is back at it again with her 2014 European leg of “The Mrs. Carter World Tour.”  She kicked it off last night in Glasgow and SERVED (as usual)!

This woman here….I just…. OAHFOAIHDIAHDO!!!!!



Listen.  She just HAS to bring this show back to the states.  She just HAS to!!!!!!!

Beyoncé performs at BRIT Awards 2014

Beyoncé. Mrs. Carter.

Pics via @BeyonceLite (Twitter).


LOOK AT HER!!! Just there being all FLAWLESS and such (in Vrettos Vrettakos)!

Check out the performance!

I Try To Stop Talking About Beyonce But She KEEPS. BEING. GREAT.

Beyonce performed “Drunk In Love” with Jay Z Saturday night at the DirecTv  Super Bowl Eve Party.  She looked AMAZING in a Roberto Cavalli dress, and apparently surprised the audience with the performance!  Check out pics and vids below (from @BeyonceLite).

Instagram video of when Bey first got on stage —> here

Instagram video of Bey and Jay Z performing —–> here

Instagram video of Bey —-> here

Instagram video of Bey and Jay Z performing —–> here <— GET IT, BEY!!!!

Instagram video of Jay Z bowing down to The Queen (*squeals*) —-> here


Pictures from the event

(YASSSSS Bey, SERVE!!!  With the long blonde hair back YASSSS!)

(I. LOVE. IT.)

The Best Cover of “Drunk In Love” I’ve Heard So Far


Seriously, this is the best cover of “Drunk In Love” I’ve heard…and you know ERRRYBODY is out here doing it.

I love it.  Everything about it.  The harmony…YAS.

(not sure why ole dude couldn’t have on a shirt but oh well.)

What do you guys think?