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My Thoughts on “Blood Sweat and Heels”


– Love her and her man. She’s goofy. I love it. LOL (as I watch on though, it seems like he’s more of a servant? :-/)
– Wait.  She said men are like children and you have to check up behind them? :-/ I’m SO not bout that life.
– WAIT WAIT WAIT. This story about Terry??? Girl what? So he’s basically hopping from one woman’s house to another’s?  What?
– Hmmm.  Is there an alcohol issue here? Kind of seems like it?


– Creep spots? WTH kinda brunch is this?
– Go through your man’s stuff? No. Like, why even be with him if you gotta do all of that?
– A Brazilian? On national tv?
– Whoa.  Her opinion about bloggers? :-/
– There’s something there that’s making me look at her kind of sideways.  I can’t really put my finger on it though.


– I’m interested to know if she’s thinking men should be the leaders specifically in relationships or if she’s talking about in general.  Cause I feel her in relationships, but in general? A woman can never lead a man because she’s too emotional? So no women CEO’s, business owners, etc? Cause….


– I like her! She has a big personality and she seems like she’s really funny.


– She and her fiancee are cute.  I think she’s beautiful.
– I agree with her.  This brunch isn’t a fun time.
– I also agree with her about this whole trusting men thing.
– “If I call up another woman to ask her about what my man is doing? That’s HER man.” <—- YESSSSSS!!! YES YES YES YES!
– Ehhhhhh. I don’t like how she did this blog post thing.  If they are your friends, at least let them know that a blog is about to come specifically from the conversation you all have had together….
– She is a strong personality.  And a very opinionated woman.  That’s not gonna mesh well with everybody.


– At least she knows she is classified as a video hoe. I applaud her for trying out a new career and trying to get things in order for herself. HOWEVER. Um…maybe real estate wasn’t the right choice? “Pantie dropper?” They looked at her like…yeahhhhhh, NO. SMH
– She looked so lost during this political discussion. LOL


This seems like a cute show.  I liked it.  The women have careers and aren’t just sitting up talking about and tripping over some man.  I think it’s something I’ll enjoy.  We’ll see.