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So You’ve Fallen Off Of Your Weight Loss Journey. Now What!?



Start again. That’s basically it.

If you’re like me, this isn’t easy. In fact, it’s proven to be one of the most challenging feats of my life. There are times when I have this thing down and work it out perfectly. Then there are those times when I fall off. ALLLL the way off. Like… gain everything I lost back off. Can you guys where I am with this now?

So I started to go through these steps (listed below) and decided to write them down because I just CAN’T be the only one experiencing this. Here we go.

1. Relax

This is the time I usually am really hard on myself. That’s no good. Look, not losing weight isn’t the end of the world. It just isn’t. In fact, unless you have a health condition that’s getting worse due to your weight, it really isn’t that big of a deal AT. ALL. Yeah, you set a goal and fell off. So? Who’s gonna check you?

Chile please. Relax. Take a deep breath. Be kind to yourself. And keep on reading.

2. Reevaluate

This is the perfect chance to check in with yourself. Why are you on this journey in the first place? Is it because some people have commented on your weight, and you want to shut them up? Is it because you think *they* will find you more attractive? Or maybe because you’ve seen other people do it and now you wanna join in?

All of those reasons are no good. It HAS to be a decision from within. For example, at this time during my reevaluation, I reflect on the first time I was successful in losing weight. One of the things I did was not tell anybody. Not a single person. I just…made the decision and did it. People just started noticing I was losing weight, which was great. I did it because I wanted to. Period.

Even though I’m being transparent here, at times that can hinder more than help. All the Instagram pictures of people working out, posts on Facebook about what you ate that was UBER healthy today. Why? For what? For who? To prove what? Do what you have to do and then show the “after” pictures. Those are the ones that count. 🙂

Other questions to ask: Why did I fall this time? What happened? Do I even really want to do this? Am I using the right method (stop doing fad diets, guys.)? Am I motivated?

3. Refocus

After you’ve figured out that you DO want to do this, get yourself together. Again, no need to beat yourself up over it, just move forward.

I still maintain that while it’s great to have health goals and adapt a healthier lifestyle, life is just TOO SHORT to be miserable while doing it. If you’re hungry all day everyday, and if you’re dreading everything about this process…you WILL fail. You may be able to maintain for a few weeks, but eventually you’ll fall again. The point is to make changes that you can live with FOR LIFE.

If that means losing one pound a week instead of three, so be it. Do what works for you. But DON’T YOU DARE be miserable while doing it.

4. Regroup

Now you’ve pinned down exactly what happened. Where you “fell.” So what’s the game plan? What changes are going to have to be made?

For example, my downfall was not going to the grocery store. If I don’t go on the weekends (my weekdays are packed), then I have to trust myself to eat healthy fast food all week long. And it’s a fail. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And I KNOW this. But I continue to test myself. That’s no good. This is a change I HAVE to commit to making.

Anther thing. I cheat myself. I do my little dirt (a few cookies won’t hurt, right? Chips? French fries?) And don’t properly make up for it (workout). And somehow I convince myself it doesn’t “really” make a difference.

It does.

5. Restart

Now it’s time to take everything you’ve figured out and learned and move forward.

That’s it. There’s no magic formula. You’re just gonna have to do it. Take what you’ve learned, implement it, and maintain.






You’ve got this.

From The Bottom of my Heart, THANK YOU! :-)

Let me tell you what happened with this video.  FIRST of all, I thought that this was going to be a nice quick process.  You know, how hard can it be to put up a YouTube video?  Turns out, it can actually take hours. -_- And I’m going to tell y’all about all of this because I need y’all to feel ALL of my struggle.

So I got on my laptop, found out I can download Windows Movie Maker (I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 and…yeah).  Okay! So record the video.  COOL! I go back to play said video…NOTHING. Zero sound.  So I then had to go through all kinds of sorcery to figure out that the audio driver never updated.  So I had to do that. Then in order for it to work, I had to restart. my. laptop. FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopped back on, made the video on Windows Movie Maker.  Started playing around with visual stuff.  Ended up messing up.  Had to record again. And again.

Then I finally get to the point where I can upload it to YouTube.  It was in the wrong format.  Get it in the right format. FINE. Decided I wanted to change my YouTube name. Cool.  UGH. NOT COOL. Everything is so complicated. Saved the file, uploaded it, published it.  Played it back before I decided to put it on here.  There was a mistake on the video. Not major, but enough to annoy me.  So I had to go back, make the correction and redo all of this.

So yeah.  A few things to keep in mind when viewing this.  This is (obviously) my first YouTube video.  Which means I’ve discovered a few things.  Mainly that I don’t appreciate my built-in webcam. Ugh.  Also, that there is a reflection.


What was supposed to take about 15 minutes went from 6pm-8pm.  I was supposed to work out! Oh well.  Guess I’ll just eat instead. And it’s y’alls fault.

So yeah. HERE YOU GO!  Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU! 🙂

Ladies: Stop Sending These Men Your Nudes

The moral of this story is:

Ladies, stop sending nudes to your “boyfriends.

There is currently a “man” on Twitter who is hurt.

See. This chick broke up with him in January. Then she got into another relationship. And now she is engaged. And he (ex-boyfriend) found out via Twitter.

He emoted on Twitter for a little bit. You know, saying how could a woman be engaged already after being with him for just a month blah blah blah.  And of course he put on that “LOL” to try and hide the fact that he needs a whole pack of these:

And then he commenced to leaking every. single. nude. that she has sent him. Her naked body is all on Twitter. Which now means it’s all on the internet.

In fact, he found the Twitter name of her fiance and tweeted the pictures to HIM. He told him that *this* is his soon to be wife.

Two things to note:

1. He is the epitome of a little hurt boy in a grown man’s body. A F*boy is what we call em (keeping it as PG as possible). He’s upset. And he’s acting out like a child.

2. Ladies. If you care about not seeing your pictures all up on the internet, don’t send them off in the first place. The reality is that your little boyfriend is probably gonna be your ex at some point, and now you just gotta trust that he’s not a f*boy and acts out like this when he gets upset. Personally, I don’t have that much trust. And if y’all don’t break up, then maybe he’ll be your husband. Then I mean, whatever. But for now? Nah.

So yeah. Ladies, stop sending your naked pictures to these men’s phones. It’s just not smart.



P.S.  Dude has now deleted his entire Twitter account. Tuh.

Husband Doesn’t Like His Wife’s Natural Hair, And I Think That’s Ok

So you clicked on the link. GREAT! Now. Allow me to explain before you go all off on me.  I think natural hair is beautiful.  I think it’s a bold move, especially for women who have been relaxed and decided to go that route. More power to whatever a woman decides to do with their hair. BUT. Does that mean everybody else in your life has to “like” it? Does it even matter what others think?  Let’s go to this story from Clutch.

On a recent show titled, “I love my man but…” Love, a newlywed, contacted Harvey to get some advice on how to deal with her husband’s chilly reception to her natural hair. Although the pair had been together for nine years, Love’s husband had never seen her without her weave until recently.

“I understand natural hair takes time to grow out, [but] it wasn’t something I was used to,” Love’s husband told Harvey when the talk show host asked why he had such an extreme reaction to his wife’s hair. “I just wish there was more things she could do with it so that it could be more appealing.”

Love said her husband’s comments make her feel bad about herself and admitted she’d wear her natural hair out more often if she had her husband’s support.

Harvey had a word for Love’s husband, telling him, “You can’t be any more wrong with your approach. You cannot, at no point in a relationship with a woman, say or make them feel unattractive.”

Harvey continued: “You gotta be just a little more understanding, this is who you married. And the bottom line is, they have a choice. It’s theirs. It ain’t yo damn head! All you did  was put a ring on her finger, this ain’t yours.”

Now.  Initially my response to this was YEAH! SHUTUP! LOVE HER! LOVE HER HAIR! Etc. etc. etc.

But hold up.  Since when did a husband HAVE to like EVERYTHING a wife did to her hair? And since when did it matter if he did or not? Now.  Of course it is NOT okay to talk down to your wife or to be disrespectful. No. But, it really doesn’t seem like that was the issue here.   A few things to note:

1. This man had NEVER seen her natural hair. Never.  Nine years. NINE. And then boom. I mean, is it really fair to tell him that he’s wrong for having an opinion about it?

2. From this clip, it honestly doesn’t seem like he’s being disrespectful. In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion that she’s bringing it up more than he is, and she doesn’t like his response? But again, that’s just a sneaky suspicion.

3. By the way, nobody can *make* you feel any sort of way.

4. Maybe he needs to be educated on why natural hair is beautiful, and why that beauty runs far deeper than the superficial.  I say this because I’ve seen women make BOLD moves and cut their hair off to embrace what is truly naturally theirs.  I really think it’s beautiful.  As an African American woman who is relaxed (and PROUD of it), I think it’s important for women to own whatever decision it is they make about their hair.

5. No.  This man doesn’t hate himself.  If you go to YouTube and look at the comments, they are going IN on him.  And I disagree.  I’ve seen women with their natural hair that I think is beautiful.  And I’ve seen women with their natural hair and it looks terrible (mainly because they decided that natural = I don’t have to do anything to it).  I…don’t hate myself.  So. That’s that.  I just think that he doesn’t like it. And I also think that’s okay because….it’s not his hair.  He actually doesn’t have to like it, right?

6. I like her hair. LOL. I think it’s cute.  Buuuuut it IS a major change from the Brazilian Remy she was rocking. For NINE years.

7. In the clip, he talks about wanting her to be able to do something else with it until it grows.  So to me, it seems to be less about the “natural” and more about the length?

8. I wonder if she mentioned that she was letting the weave go to him before she did it?  Just curious.

9. I. LOVE. what Nikki Walton (Curly Nikki!) tells Love. “You’re gonna have to find your self confidence first.” Yes.

10. This is something that he’ll definitely get over. LOL. It seems like he loves his wife and he says how beautiful she is. This won’t be a big deal.

Anyway, those are my thoughts about it.  What say you?

Call It What It Is: The Affordable Care Act

President Obama disappointed me.  I think it was a terrible mistake to embrace what the Republicans named the healthcare LAW, “Obamacare.”

Every single time I hear it, I cringe.  In my opinion, it cheapens it.  And it makes the lowly informed layperson forget that it is, indeed, a law.

Either way, it’s here.  And I am of the opinion that it is amazing.  I will never understand the fight against people being able to get insurance, no matter the condition.  I simply don’t get it.

In case you live under a rock, tonight at 11:59pm is the deadline for signing up for the Affordable Care Act. I was watching “Morning Joe” this morning and there was someone on there talking about it, who is clearly against it. He was asking someone else (who is in support of ACA) if they thought the White House was making up the numbers in order to reach the magic 6,000,000 number of people enrolled.

Um. THE WHITE HOUSE? Just…faking numbers? KNOWING how much you people are gonna be watching? Come on.  So yeah, when that got absolutely shot down, this person then asked if enough healthy people were signing up for it to make it all really worth it.  The response was that what REALLY matters is that sick people are getting covered.  I mean…

Anyway, not everybody is being complete idiots about HEALTHCARE (can we all agree that this really isn’t about healthcare at all?).

^^ FOR. THE. WIN. And if you have no idea what this is referring to, then that just means you didn’t watch arguable THE bst television show EVER.

^^This touched my heart.

^^ It’s true. Cause. Mitt Romney…but I digress…

^^Okay. So this is funny.


^^BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And just in case you want to read the story, click here.

Here’s a piece of the response….

Ted Cruz

LOL!  I know those are just two responses, but there were enough positive responses for multiple media outlets to write about it.


Either way, if you haven’t got covered, make sure you do so.  Yes, it’s probably going to take longer as the website is experiencing some difficulties, but tell me what website doesn’t when literally a million (or more) people are on it at the same time trying to do the same thing.

I’ll wait.