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So Mimi Faust DID Agree to Sell The Sex Tape To Vivid Entertainment

To say that I am disappointed and troubled by Mimi is an understatement.  Is it really worth it?  I mean, really?

By now you’ve probably seen the super trailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and were made aware of an alleged sex tape made by Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko. In the trailer Nikko tells Mimi that the tape leaked and he tries to get her to capitalize off of it by selling the rights to Vivid Entertainment. Vivid Entertainment is the same porn company that distributed Kim Kardashian’s tape with Ray J and according to them Mimi and Nikko actually DID sell the tape and it will dropping this month.

First of all, let’s call a spade a spade and just say that these photos are not from your run of the mill home made sex tape. They are either staged or shot professionally to begin with. Either way, I am completely disappointed in Mimi. Mimi, as a mother of a small daughter, you need to remember one thing — NOTHING is worth your dignity as a woman. Not even the almighty dollar. Don’t let Mona, Nikko or Vivid pimp you for some coins. The internet isn’t going anywhere any time soon and it’s already bad enough that poor Eva has to watch her mom and dad coon it up for the cameras every Monday night but now a sex tape of her mom Thot Lock & Dropping It will be available for the entire world to see? Why, Mimi? I would have rather cleaned every filthy house in Atlanta to provide for my daughter before I sold my soul for a quick buck.

{via Baller Alert}

From what I just read, Mimi Faust is 41 years old. FORTY. ONE. And even if that isn’t true, she is AT LEAST 35.  Which means she is WAY too old for this trash.  She has a DAUGHTER.  She is a business owner. For what?  For Nikko? Money? Attention?

Let’s discuss Nikko for a quick second.  Bottom line, he’s a fawkboy.  In every way imaginable.  We saw evidence of this last season, but now this man asks Mimi to make a sex tape (or however that happened), then PURPOSELY “leaked” it.  Ladies, that is a man who doesn’t give a damn about you.  How disgusting.  Then he works it out to where you, the person who thought the tape was between you two, are in a room discussing the money you’ll get to sell the tape…and then you DO IT!?

In the clip, Mimi tells her girls that she’s “so into it” that she doesn’t even realize the camera is there (click to see the trailer —> LHHATL Super Trailer). Lies, girl.  Lies.  How do you not realize that there is a man on top of you, and one of his arms are stretched out cause he’s recording…WHILE LOOKING IN THE CAMERA? Okay, Mimi.

Look at this motel room shower. And she’s standing there smiling. Lookin’ like a proud thot. I can’t. BYE Mimi. I can’t.

This was really the only picture I was willing to put on here (and I was hesitant to do that), but if you want to check out some more stills from the tape you can click here.

Update: April 14, 2014 12:25pm

So don’t ask me how I know this. But…that sex tape was professionally filmed, bruh.  So that means that Mimi and EVERYBODY is completely faking it on the show with it being “leaked.” Like…it’s shot with a third person (AT LEAST) in the room.  Mimi. Girl. BYE.

And then this….

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Super Trailer

For your viewing pleasure:

So. A few quick thoughts.

1. Kirk is still out here being out of line, huh? Seriously, Rasheeda. Leave this HAN alone.  Home DNA tests? Moving random women in? Seriously.

2. Joseline. And Stevie. I can’t. Like….what could a man POSSIBLY do to make up for what happened last season?

3. Mimi is still dumb AF.  Sex tapes? With a man who ISN’T your husband?  Who has already proven to be petty? And you have a child? No ma’am. (Updated: 4/14/2014 we know how this turns out now —-> Mimi DID Sell Her Sex Tape)

4. Scrappy….LOL. I…don’t know.

5. Karlie Redd. I really need to know her age, bruh.

Everything else is foolery.

And I look forward to getting ALL of my ratchet life Monday, May 5th, at 7pm. Yes.

UPDATED: April 14, 2014 12:05pm

I had to come back to update cause:


Welp.  That about sums it all up there.

Benzino Got Shot….By his nephew…On his way to bury his mother

Yeah,  this is more than a little strange.

Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, is a cast member of the VH1 reality show ‘‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’’ and CEO of Hip-Hop Weekly. The magazine confirmed on its website Saturday night that Benzino had been shot.

The 48-year-old Benzino was traveling on Route 3 south of Boston just before noon when 36-year-old Gai Scott pulled alongside and fired several shots into a red SUV driven by Benzino, the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement. Officials say there had been growing tension between the two.

Benzino, of Mansfield, Mass., got out of the SUV after being struck and was taken by a passerby to the Duxbury Police Department and then transferred to a hospital.

Hip-Hop Weekly said he was shot in an arm, and his back was grazed by a bullet.

He was listed in good condition, a spokeswoman for South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth said Sunday morning.

The magazine said Benzino was in the area to bury his mother. He was heading to a church in Plymouth at the time of the shooting, the District Attorney’s Office said.

Police responding to the scene found the red SUV in the middle of Route 3 with bullet holes and a reddish brown substance believe to be blood inside the vehicle. Officials said shell casings and projectiles also were found at the scene.

Gai Scott, of Randolph, Mass., was taken into custody and charged with assault with intent to murder. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in the Plymouth District Court.


What in the world could one do to make you try and kill him while trying to bury his mother? And on a freeway? In broad daylight? Soooo you wanted to get caught?

In totally unrelated news: Zino is almost 50!? Way too old for his LHHATL antics.

More unrelated news: So when does LHHATL come back on, anyway?

Back on topic: Glad Benzino is okay!

Producers Make A Call On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Filming

TMZ Reports:

The fighting on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has gotten so out of control … show honchos are now banning the stars of the show from partying while non-cast members are around … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the show tell us … it’s all about liability — producers think they’ll expose themselves to huge lawsuits if an innocent bystander gets hurt when a fight breaks out during filming of the show.

We’re told … producers held an emergency meeting … to discuss the massive brawl that broke out during Wednesday night’s taping at a restaurant — in which several cast members … and some non-cast members were injured.

Sources tell us … producers are worried about a massive lawsuit from innocent citizens who get caught in the crossfire of a brawl — so they’ve laid down the law … no more filming parties with normies.

Do you understand how pathetic this is?  These are grown people.  Nobody under 30 (I don’t think).  A couple around 50!  And they can’t keep themselves under control long enough to not show out in the midst of the general public.

For a show to have to come together and make a policy that a cast CAN’T be filmed around non-cast members for fear of liability of them getting hurt?  Are you kidding me?  Again, I do get my life with the ratchetness, but this is a bit much.

Everybody involved needs to grow up. SMH

Cast of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Got Into A Fight. Bottles Were Thrown.

One of my very guilty pleasures is partaking into my share of ratchet tv with the loyal viewing of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  I’m here for it.  Even though I’m saying “WHAT!?” and shaking my head most of the time.

Ok.  So Benzino and Stevie J opened up a restaurant together.  Yes.  Like you, I’m wondering who in the world they had to pimp out to get THAT permit approved.  Anyway, if you don’t believe me, then here.

So last night was the opening or something.  All I know is that the full cast of LHHATL was in attendance (or was supposed to be) and that it was some kind of private opening situation.

And there was violence.  Bottles thrown, one story I saw this morning said shots fired, and paws swiping.

TMZ reports:

Filming of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” turned into a CRAZY free-for-all Wednesday … as a massive brawl erupted during production leaving stars bloodied and injured … and TMZ has the wild cell phone video.

The cast was shooting the opening of a restaurant. Sources close to the show tell us … the trouble began when Joseline Hernandez walked in with a girlfriend. We’re told the friend instigated an argument … and pretty soon fists were flying.

Karlie Redd was knocked out … several others suffered bloody cuts … and somebody threw a bottle at Momma Dee, hitting her in the face.

VH1 cameras were rolling the entire time. Of course they were.

Somebody done hit Mama Dee in the face with a bottle, y’all!!!!!!!

Guess we all know how this season is gonna go, huh?