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Mandatory Paternity Testing?

Last week I saw an article about this, but when I opened it up, the author was using The Maury Show as a reason for their opinion so I quickly just stopped reading and closed it.  However, the topic stuck with me.

What if hospitals required mandatory paternity testing for all newborns?  Initially, I was like ehhhhh, but now I’m kinda like, well…this may not be such a bad idea?  The bottom line is that men get got errrrryday by vindictive, bitter, and immature women. Women who outright lie and say that a man is the father of their child.  Even married women are able to keep their infidelity hidden by lying about the paternity of their child.  Let’s be honest, the women are really able to make decisions about whether even to have a child independently.  If a man wants her to have the baby, but she doesn’t…guess what will probably happen?  If the man doesn’t want her to have the baby and she wants to? Again.  We know what’s probably gonna happen.

Yes, I think that whenever having sex with someone the possibility of pregnancy should be considered (which is why I don’t understand how sex is so carelessly had in the first place, but I digress).  Women lie (I’m on the pill), men lie (I pulled out). Period.

So again, what’s the harm with mandatory paternity testing?  Could it be seen as an insult to married couples? Well, possibly. But then again, if all is well, then what’s the problem?  Maybe it could be a situation where it’s only done for unmarried couples? I don’t know.  The point is, I think this would cut down on A LOT of the foolishness.  At least for men who are lied to about the paternity of a child.  Personally, I don’t understand why an unmarried man wouldn’t automatically demand a paternity test anyway instead of just starting to pay, etc. But we all know it happens.

What do y’all think?