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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 (Review)

Here is my review of the EXPLOSIVE and SHAAAAAADY Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion episode.


– I don’t understand why she got these boobs…but more power to her. She already had a beautiful body though.  However, it’s…um..interesting to see her continue to move her hair to show them. :-/

– “It’s just very clear that there is no African prince for you.” COME THROUGH PORSHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– LISTEN!  When Porsha snatched SNATCHED!!! that scepter and threw it on the ground, I. GOT. MY. LIFE.  Just RIGHT there.  I had to hit the rewind.  The fierceness of that move alone should’ve let Kenya know that Porsha was not here to play with her.

– When Andy brought up the scepter again….the way that Porsha went in, “Don’t feel bad for it because if it makes it’s way back up on this stage it’s going right up her ass. Right between those balloons, baby!”  <—  MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK! Porsha is talking like a southern mama who is FED THE FAWK UP with her bad ass child.  Like:

– YOU. BETTER. READ. PORSHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said she gets sick of grown women playing the victim and called Kenya’s name chile! Told her that she’s laughed at EVERY woman whenever misfortune met them. TELL THE STORY, PORSHA!


– So…she said that when Velvet (who SOME. OF. US. think is still alive, actually) came into her life, she had just broken up with someone she thought she was going to marry.  Soooo basically everybody she dates she thinks she’s going to marry them?

– Her insult to Phaedra was that she couldn’t wrap the scepter around her neck cause, “you couldn’t even reach it, you’re so short.” Oh, sis.

 – As Kandi said, if you’re going to have props on the set, you gotta AT LEAST have your ish together.  Like, what? And by the way…this bullhorn is out of line.

– Y’all remember when Kenya said that she has never called any woman on the show out of their name?  Well…they just showed this clip of her calling Porsha a b*tch last season….so….


Before I start with whatever she is going to do or say, I just need to let you guys know that I am offended.  NeNe’s hair offends me.  It’s upsetting as well as disturbing.  This further confirms that she has no real friends.  Friends don’t let friends do these types of things bout the head.

– “I think we all just saw the video” – Oh really, NeNe (about Cynthia twerking)?

NeNe’s lack of acknowledging ANY wrongdoing on her part is still baffling to me.  YES, NeNe….to say that you wouldn’t go from a Ryan Murphy production to a Kandi Burress production IS shady.  And you know it. And…what has Ryan Murphy done for you lately?  BYE.

-“I turn jobs down all the time” <— Did y’all see Kandi’s eye roll when NeNe said this?  Those eyes almost fell out of the sockets!

So we are at the point of the show when I just got a GOOD look at what this is behind NeNe’s head.  Her stylist hates her.  LOATHES, even.  The hair piece is a COMPLETELY different shade of blonde! That’s a hair piece that you get from the pre-made bun section of the hair supply sto (yes, sto) in the shopping strip right next to the check cashing place!!!!!! STOP IT TODAY!


– I LOVE this look on Phaedra. She looks GORGEOUS.

– When Kenya was addressing Phaedra calling her an “escapee from whore island” the eye roll Phaedra did made me fear that they were gonna get stuck at the top of her head.  Y’all, she is ALL the way over Kenya. LMAO!

– She called Kenya a whore and Porsha had a look of sheer delight on her face.  AHHH!!! I can’t take all of this! LOL!

– Listen.  One of the reasons I like Phaedra is because she is SO “nice nasty.”  And with a straight face! I’m serious.  “I knew Velvet was her friend…she was probably (pause) one of her only good friends.”  HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


– Did y’all see the look she had on her face when NeNe threw that light shade about her lack of twerk? I mean what is this?  Is she scared of NeNe?

– When Porsha hopped up, Cynthia got so scared that her titty popped out! Look!

– It’s sad that Cynthia contributes….NOTHING.


– Ohhh Kandi is throwing her little shade at NeNe. Yes, Kandi. Yes.

– “Tell the truth, Porsha” – She’s not here for Kenya either, I see.

The Fight

Yes.  It needed its own category.

Alright.  I paused when Porsha first hopped up.  Y’all notice the first words out of Kenya’s mouth was “get fired”???  She thought she wasn’t gonna get touched.  Talking all that trash and hiding behind a contract. BYE!

This wasn’t so much of a fight, as it was a dragging. Cause Porsha DRAAAAAAGGED Kenya CLEAR across that floor and with every single inch I was filled with more and more glee, delight, and satisfaction.  Yes, I was.

Let me rewind it…


Porsha said she’s been through SO much!  That was her boiling point.  Porsha has done NOTHING to be called a hoe and when Kenya used a BULLHORN to call her one that was IT. And Kenya was quick to run away. Talk all that trash…nah stay right here.

My heart actually aches for Porsha.  She was truly embarrassed.  She acted out of character and in that moment you can tell she regretted it.  I do believe she honestly snapped.

THANK YOU BRAVO for not editing this out.  THANK YOU.

P.S. You see who all the women were gathered around, huh (except for Cynthia but when has she ever done anything?)? Even Andy was in and out of Kenya’s dressing room but went in and spent time with Porsha, and hugged her.

Who is here for Kenya Moore!?

Here is the full episode if you haven’t seen it.  Or if you’re like me and want to see certain parts over and over and over and over (and over) again!

Porsha Williams Has Turned Herself In After Fight (RHOA)

One of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” turned herself in to police Wednesday after a fight during the show’s upcoming reunion special.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Porsha Williams after a fight she allegedly had with Kenya Moore on the set of the show.

Williams was charged with misdemeanor battery. She turned herself in to police Wednesday afternoon. She was released after posting a $2,000 bond.

{via WSBTV}

Listen. Porsha said she WILL NOT have a jacked up looking mugshot! SHE WILL NOT! She got that face beat and that hair laid RIGHT before she walked into that police station.  I ain’t mad at you, Boo!

Kenya kind of weak for this though.  I mean, seeing as though she’s basically been begging for someone to serve her some of what Porsha gave her. SMH

Check out the sneak peak for the reunion:

Kenya. Girl. SMH

NeNe Talks To Andy, Marlo Reacts (RHOA)

Look. I’m watching NeNe right now being Petty Patty with Andy right now and I am in awe.  What in the world is happening right now?

 Anyway, here is Marlo watching and reacting to what NeNe is saying about her.



I am completely turned off of NeNe. I think that she is messy AF with this and is burning every “friend” bridge she has with these ladies.  In the same breath she is saying Kenya is good for the show, she is talking down about her. And I mean….I’m not necessarily here for Kenya but whoa.

I’m interested to know who NeNe was initially talking about if it wasn’t Cynthia. Since…she “didn’t bring her name up.” Girl.

Oh my goodness.  What she’s saying about Cynthia.  “I think Cynthia is a good friend…” <– NO MA’AM.  This IS NOT how you talk about “good friends.”  I mean, who turned NeNe’s ego up for real?

NeNe is delusional.  Cynthia licks the bottom of her shoe and EVERYBODY knows it.

WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! So basically, NeNe is mad at Cynthia because she “aligned” herself with the enemy (Kenya)!? Is this bish serious right now?  Does she not know how ridiculously petty she sounds?  This is how you know NeNe isn’t a good friend to ANYBODY.  The moment she disapproves of who you’re hanging around she dogs you out on national tv.

I wonder if what she’s saying about Kandi on here has been said to Kandi’s face.

And can someone PLEASE give NeNe a hair clip so she can stop with this baby hair flip!?

First of all, the name of this account. LMAO. But ummm yeah. Basically. Toxic.

“Final Curtain Call” – RHOA (Review)

Aw. RHOA is almost over, guys. 🙁


– Now. I’m not one to judge anyone’s way of dealing with loss. But.  Well.  I will just leave that alone.

– Aw man.  This footage of Velvet breaks my heart.

– Y’all know that there’s a rumor that this is all faked, huh?

– “Kenya and her African ‘prince’ are planning to undergo in vitro fertilization in June…” <– But….


– Did Cynthia bring her dog to Velvet’s memorial?!?!?!? Kinda insensitive??

– “Hey Daddy!” – BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Cynthia.

– “Should I kick my leg up?”  “No, you’re showing your Spanx.” <– I just died.

– Is that a Black & Mild????

– Peter walked in and laughed.  Like, real hard. I wouldn’t be able to handle that. I’m here trying to be a sexy beast and you’re laughing? Party over!!!!

– “What are you doing?” “What are you trying to do?” – Really, Peter? LOL.

– He’s laughing hard. I’m serious, guys. I’d be so done.  Cynthia is doing so well by continuing this.  I wouldn’t know how to carry on.  I would’ve just been like, “Nevermind, let’s just get naked.”

– Lawd. He brought attention to her Spanx.


– Gregg told NeNe she has gas.

– Oh wow. I don’t remember reading about NeNe’s lungs collapsing. Glad she’s doing better though.

– Just saw this.  Annnnd Imma just leave this riiiight here:


– I always get so sad when Kandi sings on here. 🙁

– Y’all see Mama Joyce’s boyfriend!?

-“If it ain’t meant to be it’ll end on it’s own.” <– Yes.  Love it.

– Mama Joyce is looking like she isn’t here for it.

– “I made up my mind. You’re the man for me..he-he-HE” Seriously. I can’t take this singing.

– Q is just singing circles all around her.

– Kandi’s dad. Love what he had to say to her.

– I had my (many) doubts, but I’m glad the musical worked out for Kandi!


– Happy for her completing school!

– “Honey, try having a vagina for one day.” – Yes. Ma’am.

– “Out of her many ‘jobsssss,’ representing Apollo in his fraud case will not be one of them.” WELP.


– Porsha is putting up all this stuff in this house just to have to take it down again. Shambles.

– Kudos to Porsha for deciding to just end it with Kordell (although we know the read deal).

– I love her mom!

– Beyonce in “Dream Girls?” No ma’am.

– Porsha and this singing.  I’m uncomfortable.

– So ratchet with the final bow.

– The only thing they could say about Porsha is who she is rumored to be dating.

WHOA! From these scenes from the reunion show I can see why Porsha got all up in Kenya’s azz! I mean, I never doubted that she deserved it, but wow.  She was basically begging for it.

NeNe Leakes Pays “Tribute” To Beyonce On Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars. *sigh*

I am not even going to comment on the singing.  Nobody is going to do this like Beyonce, so I need to let it go.



I know, Bey.  I know.

Linnethia Monique Johnson Leakes.  You tried it. 

Now, this says it’s supposed to be “jazz,” right? Did I miss something? Have the requirements and choreography and music classifications for jazz changed?  I’m willing to be completely wrong about this. So educate me, please.

I honestly knew I was in trouble from the first 5 moves she did.

I’m trying to find something good about this. Oh! The move she did around the 00:58 mark was cute! There!