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Kandi’s (RHOA) Wedding Dress

JUST when I said she was my favorite on RHOA:

After all of the hell and high water she went through to marry this man, THIS is what she does? THIS? I know when those doors opened and Todd saw this monstrosity he wanted to faint. There are TOO MANY PEOPLE who are willing to help her with these things. WHY!?!?

I’m just like:

I can’t do this.  Father. Take control!

UPDATE: April 9, 204 1:30pm

I just found out this dress was $20,000.

Bye, guys.

ALL (almost) of the Housewives (RHOA) Threaten To Quit…

…if they fire Porsha. WHEW! Talk about some drama with RHOA!

TMZ reports:

The entire cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” — minus one — is threatening to walk off the show if Porsha Williams is fired over her fight with Kenya Moore.

The one holdout — Kenya Moore.

Sources close to the show tell us the women hatched their plan this weekend at Kandi Burruss’ wedding … telling the show’s producers how much they despise Moore because of all the drama she stirs up.

As we reported … Williams attacked Moore during taping of the reunion special … and producers may use the bitch fight as justification for giving Porsha the axe.

We’re told since the brawl, ALL housewives’ contracts for next season have been put on hold — until show honchos figure out what to do with Porsha.

But sources tell us the women have made it clear … they’ll walk if Porsha gets fired … and we’re told NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks are making a play to get Kenya fired instead.

Ouch Kenya.  These ladies are…ALL teaming up against you. Maybe you’ve gone a little bit too far? Maybe?

Now.  From what I understand, Porsha was in jeopardy of getting fired anyway.  But it seems like the producers were going to use the fight as their reason.  They said it’s because they have a “zero tolerance” policy against fighting. Um. Then that means most of them can’t be on the show anymore.  Especially the men!

Interesting to see how this plays out.

“Mess Rehearsal” – RHOA (Review)

These ladies and situations on RHOA, man. LOL.


– Oh. Peter may be losing ANOTHER business? *yawn*

– Wait. What does she mean the “owners” haven’t paid.  They aren’t the owners?

– And Cynthia had to hear about it on the blogs? NOPE.

– “I’m not saying you’re doing anything wrong.” – CYNTHIA!! HE. IS. DOING. SOMETHING. WRONG.

– Cynthia, buy NOTHING with this man. Purchasing the property? NO NO NO NO NO.


– NeNe in this silver lamé and hair over to the side. No.

– “As an actress” <— WAIT, NENE! You have been on what…TWO shows? BOTH of which have been cancelled, correct? And I think I read on Twitter that one of the shows was cancelled after two episodes. LOL Ma’am. Calm down.

– I’m sorry, is she talking about the scripts she’s turned down? LOLOLOL. Talmbout she doesn’t like the direction they were going in. Chile PLEASE.

– “I’ve left millions of dollars on the table.” – Girl! BYE! Meanwhile you’re doing club appearances in Dallas? And posting THESE types of things!?

NO! MA’AM! Do NOT tell me you have more details from me and you done put up a picture of a billboard as said details? NO!

– “This is the wow piece” <— Wut? Okay, girl. I’m not gonna hate on you getting yours.

– NeNe is REALLY trying to convince us that she’s not tripping over her “one show” being cancelled.


– WHEW! Thank you, vocal coach, for stopping her!

– She doesn’t have a completely terrible voice, but she needs to stick to Ciara-like songs. You know, the songs that don’t require too much of you vocally.

– Porsha is full of excuses. And LIES!

-“So we’re supposed to be singing and acting and staying in character the whole time.” <— Girl BYE. Like, what did you think this was?

– Is Porsha getting a bit of an attitude with the stage director? No ma’am.


– Eh. Nothing. But I am glad she’s about to be done with school so she can free up some of her time.  If she’s smart she will then use that free time to get rid of our sister Apollo. 🙂


– Aw man. She lost Velvet. Damn. And she saw Velvet in another dog’s mouth and heard her scream.  Man…I’m sitting here in tears. That’s tough. I’m a dog lover so I know how she feels. So sad.

– LOVE how supportive Cynthia and Kandi are of Kenya. Everybody doesn’t understand that kind of connection but your friends are supposed to support you when something is close to you.

– Good girl for telling Cynthia to not reach out to the other girls.


– Fire Porsha.

 – WAIT! I forgot that Momma Joyce had been in counseling with AJ about Kandi’s money too!? No ma’am. Kandi, WAKE UP.

– “He should remind her to work out everyday.” You know what? Eff. Momma. Joyce. Eff her wig.  Eff her nails. Eff her voice. And EFF the one arm she tried to hug Kandi with!

– Kandi basically wrote this play off of her life. LOL

– Oh DonJuan is MESSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for leaving Momma Joyce with Todd.

– “I didn’t stop liking you, I stopped respecting you” <— Todd is a better man than most. For real. Cause no. No longer would I explain my finances to her. No. Chile.  He’s such a good and patient man. Cause no. NOPE.

– “My whole existence has been about my children.” – GIRL! GO GET YOU A LIFE! BYE!

Kenya Moore Got That AZZ BEAT Today…By PORSHA STEWART

You know what?  Something kinda told me that Porsha had a little bit of scrap in her.  But THIS RIGHT HERE!?

I was actually on my way to get something to eat but was put on alert by one of my faithful readers, so I had to pause.  That’s how you KNOW it’s a serious situation.


It just got real. Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore got into a vicious brawl on Thursday, March 27, Us Weekly can confirm. The incident occurred while the two ladies were filming the always-combative reunion special for the Bravo series.

“There was a major physical altercation between Porsha and Kenya,” an insider tells Us. “To the point that Porsha beat the crap out of Kenya, dragged her across the stage by her hair, and gave her a major beatdown.”

Stewart and Moore have been going head-to-head with each other for years. Back in November 2012, Moore called then-newcomer Stewart “naive” and a “heifer,” and ranted about her new costar just minutes after meeting her in Season 5.

“Losing my cool, getting out character, cursing somebody else, embarrassing yourself . . . I can pretty much say I’ve done all of that!” Moore told Us during a visit to our NYC headquarters at the time. “It’s a reality show, things happen.”

During season six, Moore antagonized Stewart further in the aftermath of her split from husband Kordell Stewart — suggesting that Porscha was a “beard” for the NFL pro.

{via Us Weekly Magazine}


BY. HER. HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now.  I generally don’t support violence.  But let’s be real. Kenya Moore had this ish coming.  For a LOOOOOOOOONG time.

Porsha Stewart gave her a beating for ALLLLLLLL of the wives who are TIIIIIIIIIIRED of these hoes, you hear me?

And I’m just like:

I knew…I KNEW somebody was gonna fulfill the desires of my heart and pop her one good time.  OR.  MULTIPLE times in this case.  Kenya has been slick, and downright disrespectful.  Porsha reached WAYYYYYYY back and served Kenya the pimp slap for all of ratchet America.

And we love her for it.

I imagine she was looking juuuuust like this when contemplating the kind of beat down she was about to serve:


Kenya, girl.  Twirl on, Honey.  God bless.

UPDATED: March 31, 2014 3:50pm

OF COURSE TMZ got their hands on the 911 audio. Of course!

Now. The crazy thing is that it’s being reported that the fight wasn’t that big of a deal.  Also, apparently Porsha’s fate is being decided as there is apparently a new zero tolerance policy against fighting on the show.

“Mexi-Loco” – RHOA (Review)

I honestly don’t know who to like on RHOA anymore. My goodness. Maybe Kandi?


– “Phaedra should be just as upset with Apollo as she is with Kenya.” <— One of the SMARTEST things this bag of nails has said.  I simply do not understand.

– “You have never been married! And until you have been? You will NEVER know the conviction of a wife!” – THIS. RIGHT. HERE. PORSHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


– I cannot, for the LIFE of me, understand why Phaedra left the venue.  Further, I cannot, for the LIFE of me, understand why Phaedra left the venue…ALONE.

– Apollo said that he isn’t going to not talk to someone he’s cool with blah blah blah.  Sir.  This isn’t just “someone.”  And your wife isn’t unreasonable, insecure, or jealous.  When that “someone” becomes a rift in your marriage?  They, and their feelings, NO. LONGER. MATTER.  No, you don’t have to be rude, but having private one-on-one conversations? Even in a public venue? Nope.  That is no longer acceptable. Idiot.

– “Juvial” LMAO.

– Phaedra is so much better than me. Cause this whole thing about Apollo walking up to me asking me what’s wrong like he doesn’t KNOW? Yeah man. Prolly a hard object across his dome.  But.  Like I said.  She’s better than me.

– WHOA. He won’t even get her a key!? Phaedra, girl.

– Congratulations, Phaedra.  You have married, AND PROCREATED, with a real life imbecile.

-A pinata full of condoms. For your WIFE. Wut.

-This speech from Apollo. GAWD he is awful.

– APOLLO, WTF? If you find out she wants to cheat you’ll just ask her to please wear a condom!? This is SOOOOO embarrassing. And if further confirms my theory that Apollo just HAS to have something on Phaedra.  I KNOW she didn’t marry this fool out of free will.  But I guess that doesn’t explain the children. Unless she was just trying to make the best out of a terrible situation. Ugh.

-Well HELLO PHAEDRA! I see you’re ready to let down this Perfect Georgia Peach act, huh?


– I don’t understand why Kenya and Apollo didn’t just straight up tell Phaedra what the conversation was about.  That was the, ohhh, 108th dumbest thing that went down in this entire situation. SMH

– And even AFTER Phaedra left Kenya is STILL talmbout “Can we be friends?” She really should get her face pounded in.

-Kenya’s problem is that she doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone.  This “Couples’ Night”?

– Does ANYBODY see this whole sex discussion as inappropriate!? Like….These are MARRIED (and engaged) couples! Not everybody is comfortable hearing about their wife’s friend’s sexual desires…and not every wife is comfortable with their husband hearing it. Ugh.

-SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! I’m sorry.  But did Ms. Lawrence just say that he doesn’t consider a one night stand cheating? What? But..if they sleep with them a second time is know what? Nevermind.

-How she came at Phaedra at the end here about Apollo? NOAP. I wouldn’t be mad if ALL of those women jumped on her.  I mean ALL of them.  A team against Kenya.  Cause. No.


– “I’m in my 40s, I’m young, you don’t see any wrinkles under my eyes…” – NeNe
“Well you DO get Botox…” – Kandi

– “It’s been years since you’ve been putting your panties in people’s faces, nobody cares what’s going on with them.”



-Peter told Cynthia he would like to leave and go to the room.  She pushes him on what the problem is. WHYYYYY couldn’t she talk to him about that in private? Ugh.

-CYNTHIA. DO. YOU. HEAR. NENE. TALKING. TO. YOUR. HUSBAND!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!

– Ain’t NO WAY. NO.WAY. NeNe would’ve had that much time to say allllll of that. Not to MY husband. NOAP. Girl.


– “Ignorance annoys me” – to Porsha.  I mean…that’s fair. LOL

– NeNe, as usual, is overreacting toward Kandi… She makes me oh so tired.

– Look. I am sure I have asked some questions that may sound extra simple to my line sister (who is a doctor), but I simply just don’t know the answer.  That doesn’t mean I’m generally ignorant. Come on.

-WAIT. And let us not forget that NeNe is the runner up for THE most ignorance out of this entire cast (gotta give first place to Porsha…I can’t get over the Underground Railroad).

– So let me get this straight.  NeNe wants the men to just sit there, and not contribute to the conversation? What?

-I dislike NeNe. First, for this hair. Second because of how she just came at Peter. NOAP.

The men:

-I just rolled my eyes right up out of their sockets at Gregg.  NeNe stepped up to Peter. Not the other way around. BYE Gregg.

– “You wanna live?” – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Nobody believes you Gregg!