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“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” – Scandal (Review)

Well.  I hadn’t watched Scandal “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” yet, but then I saw this on Facebook:



So yeah.  Here we go.

– Oh. So. James is dead. Ok.

– Look at how Cyrus looked James up and down (multiple times) when he first met him.

– Liv calling Jake talking about her suspicions on James’ death. Ma’am. WAKE UP. Jake is RUNNING B6-13.  I mean…. ugh.

– Ohhhh is Huck about to find out about Quinn!? PLEASEEEEE Huck find out about Quinn!  Although you should’ve just killed her the first damn time.

– Oh. Mama. Pope.

– Liv.  How about you leave Jake alone. And again..WAKE. UP.

– I can’t help this.  But when Jake screamed, “I’m different!!!” The ONLY thing that happened with me was:

But then I saw:

Okay.  Focus, Tash.

– “What.”

“Hello, Olivia, what do you want.” – I STILL can’t figure out why she talks her to dad anymore. He is clearly not here for her. LOL

– These cameras are moving all kinds of strategic ways to hide Kerry’s belly. LOL

– Oh, Mellie. You just won’t learn.

-UH OH. Mellie’s drinking.


Finally! WHEW!


– WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. Huck. WTF!? You’ve came to kill her and end up…KISSING her!? What in the world is going on!?  I can’t keep going through this. I can’t.  I NEED Quinn to die. And I NEED Huck to do this…slowly. Her death MUST be dragged out for like, 5 episodes.  That will bring me extreme amounts of pleasure. Yes.

– OHHHH BISH.  When Quinn SPIT on him!?  He definitely shoul’ve ripped her tongue out.  Definitely.

– “My David” – How cute, Abby. 🙂

– James and Cyrus dancing.  SAAAAAAAAANG  GLADYS!!!!!!!

 – Cyrus made me cry. Like, real tears.

– OMG. This scene with James!!!!!!!!!!!



“No Sun on the Horizon” – Scandal (review)

So I see Shonda is trying to kill people with Scandal, huh? Okay, girl! Anyway, let’s get into it.

– Mellie’s hair sure is high and stiff in this first scene.

– Liv is … LAUGHING … about people being … murderers? Who ARE these people?

– Liv quit again? Oh.

– So Kerry Washington has started moving her mouth all extra again.

– Jake put Quinn on the phones. I guess that’ll work for now. Or.  He could have her killed.  That would work for me as well.

– “If you get drunk tonight I’m going to take advantage of you” – Jake “K!” – Me

– This guilty conscience on Sally is a mutha, ain’t it!?

– Excuse me, did he just say to kill SALLY!?  Oh come on.  That is stupid.  Wait…unless they make it look like a suicide.  That could work…

– “You’re small. And while I would love to explain to you how the world really works, I don’t have the time, and you won’t understand” – Jake to Cyrus

– “God said nothing. Silently condemning him, His own son.” – THAT’S BIBLE, SALLY!!!!!

– UGH! WHYYYY does Jake continue to let Liv do this to him?

– Oh wait.  Jake likes Quinn?  Do I have to wish death on Jake, as well!?

– Sally on the floor, before this debate, in this suit, praying, is bout to kill me.

– OHHHHH SHAT! Cyrus found the bug.  Buh-bye, James.

– These people can’t have regular conversations.  Always gotta talk fast and all hard and such. It’s exhausting.

– Bruh.  Liv and Fitz have no scruples.  Kissing and such all in front of the open window.








“We Do Not Touch The First Ladies” – Scandal (review)

I’m late.  I know it.  But, it’s been SO. BUSY.  Hopefully you guys will forgive me? Please?  In the meantime, lemme get to typing…

– Olivia and Fitz are arguing again. Oh.

– Sorry, Liv.  But you don’t get to argue and assert that you are a “prize” while getting dressed from having sex with the married man  you’re having an affair with.

– Arguing about Jake as he is standing right outside the door?

– Okay.  This scene from 14 years ago.  Why couldn’t Fitz figure out that there was something TERRIBLY wrong? Is he that blind?  Well, I guess, yeah…but still…

– I’m getting irritated at not getting the entire story behind Harrison.  What is going on, here?  Exactly who is he in bed with?  Is this the person he was so scared of and tried to keep them from coming into the country?

– Andrew is handsome.  Mellie is trippin.  (yes, my morals decline during the viewing of this show. deal with it)

– Oh wow.  So Andrew saved Mellie’s life.  Yeah.  She’s tripping for real.

– WHY is Cyrus so comfortable with ordering people to be killed!?

– Ok. So Daddy Pope is just gonna read Olivia in every episode.

– Okay. So Olivia is dumb AF. Telling Quinn to “come home!?” Girl BYE. Yes, B6-13 WILL destroy Quinn. But…SO? She chose this?  Let her not slick at all and keep getting caught behind get destroyed.

– “Get out of my car, or I’ll shoot you.  I’m violent now, or haven’t you heard?” – Quinn. Girl. LOLz

– “He licked me!” – Quinn  LMAOOOOOOO! Yes, Quinn. He did. And I loved it.

– I don’t know about y’all…but as. soon. as. Jake took that shirt off to take his shower I …. oh… I digress….

– So. Harrison is stupid too?  Ok.

– James is making me a nervous wreck.  I need him to calm down.  Oh.  Well I see that he has reason to be nervous.  Oh well.  He knew who he was dealing with.

– “I don’t have time.” <– How Fitz greets his WIFE.

– “Olivia is not your problem to solve. You stay away from Olivia.” <—– COME. ON.  MELLIE.  I don’t care WHO your husband is…NO. Nope. Nah. NOAP.  Nil. Uh uh. NO.

– “Mellie.  I don’t have time.” – How Fitz dismisses his WIFE.  For real, I thought he was about to say something halfway decent.

– Oh. So Mellie is an ungrateful broad. Man saves her life and she gets all snappy with him.

– OH SHYT! She told Andrew!?

– Huck and this coffee. LOL.  Oh WAIT! WAIT WAIT WAIT! Is Huck still mad at Liv? Is he poisoning her?

– “Olivia, no matter what I went through back then, no matter why, when I was faced with the choice to cheat I kept my knees together and I said no. We are not the same.” <—– WHYYYYYY does Liv set herself up like this??? Why does she continue to talk to Mellie!? Mellie STAYS reading her.

– PEOPLE. I. CAN’T. STAND. QUINN.  I just really need for her to die slow.  All cocky in this meeting with Jake. Shonda, girl, when do we get to watch Quinn die?


Wait…why is she running away? *sucks teeth*

– WHOA! He’s B6-13!?!?!?!?

– MAMA POPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Is “Scandal” Still Good?

This was written in the comments section of my Scandal review on Facebook:

Real talk. After watching HOC, does scandal just seem to be not as entertaining as before?

Uh oh.

But.  Then I started to think.  If you haven’t seen “House of Cards” then you really can’t make the comparison.  It’s a brilliant show (although it is making me REALLY angry right now – I’m on episode 17).  Someone was starting on the first season of HOC and asked me if Scandal was as good (he hadn’t watched Scandal at all).  I had just completed the first season of HOC and I told him that this was the difference;  Scandal is good because of the relationship drama mixed in.  If that wasn’t in there to the extent that it is, then it probably wouldn’t do well.  HOC is good….just  because it’s good.  It’s brilliant.  Full of drama and twists and turns.  It’s just good.

Comparing the two, I see why HOC won at the Golden Globes and Scandal didn’t. I’m just being honest.

Now.  Don’t get me wrong.  I will still be tuned in every Thursday for my excuse to slide my morals to the side.  BUT.  Last night I found myself rolling my eyes at the part where Liv was saying she was going to resign and Fitz kissing her in the middle of her sentence.  I literally rolled my eyes.  Cause…I mean…this happens every single episode, right?  Also, I’m tired of the bits and pieces of Harrison’s story.  I almost don’t care.  Almost.  And if you’ve been following me for a little bit then you know I am not here for Quinn.  Her looking longingly out that window made me want to slit her throat my damn self.

Here’s my disclaimer.  Last night I was REALLY tired.  Between work and class, I was just exhausted.  Also, I was way over the loooooong wait for this show to come back on.  I just wasn’t anticipating it like I thought I would.  In fact, I honestly didn’t think I was going to watch it at all.  I told one of my classmates that I would catch it today and was just gonna go home and go to bed.  But we see that didn’t happen.  So yeah.  I had an attitude problem.

All in all, yes, I think “Scandal” is still good.  But…it’s not in the category of HOC.  That’s just the truth.  Both shows are extremely unrealistic, but HOC is kind of in a different place.   Scandal puts me in a “YASSSSSSSSSSSSS” place, while HOC puts me in a “OMG” place. That’s the best way I can explain it.  Plus, Scandal’s cast is sexy.  So that’s that.

What do you all think?

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“Ride, Sally, Ride” Scandal (review)

So.  Scandal is back. And I would just like us all to remember that the LAST time Scandal came on Beyonce then surprised us with a history making album.  So now I’m all anxious cause what if Bey…oh…wait…I digress.*clears throat*

I wasn’t supposed to do this tonight, but for the sake of the people….here we go.

-Oh. So Fitz and Liv just don’t care anymore, huh?


-Oh, Sally. Sis.  You just…aren’t gonna win.  But…go ahead, hun.

-Ugh. I’m SO over Fitz and his hot and cold emotions. Liv should be too.


-Wait. So Liv likes her dad now? Oh yeah. Cause her mom is the devil too.

-Oh, James. Poor, weak, naive, will never ever learn James.

-“The married man you’re sleeping with…” <—- He just called his daughter a whore to her face. Welp!

-“Spoke to me about how you taste….” <—- Almost forgot about that. Whew! No. 

-“The devil murdered my husband. He snuck inside me.” <—- Sally. SIS.


-She’s still seeing Charlie!?

-Oh so she’s snatching kids now, huh? Aiight, Quinn. May your death be slow and painful. Slow. And. Painful.

– Liv and these coats….and never taking them off.  LOL 🙂

– WHEW! This is the second time someone has called Liv a whore to her face in this one episode. LOL

-The only thing about this cute little lunch, Mellie, is that people read lips. So……

-WAIT. Fitz and Liv.  What is this? He JUST kicked her out his office a day ago…and now….kissing on her in the middle of a sentence (which is hot, by the way but still)….

-Uhhhh HARRISON?  Oh.  Harrison. Ok.

– Oh wait!  LOOK AT JAMES! HA!

-YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Liv!  Use Jake!  Use him in every way you….oh wait… *clears throat*  Moving right along….

-Ohhh Daddy Pope is about to fawk some ish up.

-Oh wait!? Mellie’s gonna get her a boo!? I’m here for it.  It’s bout time.

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