Target removes gender labels from children’s sections

This is an interesting move:

Target stores will no longer have ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ sections in most of the children’s departments in their stores.

The chain is removing gender labels from toys and bedding sections after customers complained about gender stereotyping.

Signs designating some items for girls and others for boys will be taken down.

Gender labels will remain in the kids’ clothing section, because of sizing and fit differences.


My first thought is that this isn’t a big deal. Honestly, it’s removing signs over toys and bedding. If you are a parent of a girl, you can still buy only pink and dolls if you’d like. If you have a boy, you’re free to buy only blue and action figures. That’s not the issue.


I personally feel this is connected to, or WILL be connected to (by some), the transgender/gender identification movement. You know how I know that? Because of they felt the need to “justify” why there will still be gender labels in children’s clothing sections. And I think that inserting children into that issue is not okay. At all. They are CHILDREN.

I saw one response to this from a parent who said that the “boy” label over the toys discouraged her child from wanting certain things.


This is what I do know. Parents have the sole power on what messages they will give their children. They also have the finances. If I had a daughter who wanted a tool set, then that’s just what she’s gonna get. I also don’t think she’s going to look up at the “boys” sign and say, “Oh I can’t go down that section!!” But then again, even IF she did, then guess what I get to say? “Oh, that sign is just a suggestion. Pick out what you want.”

I think parents (mainly fathers) of boys are going to have a harder time with that though. LOL. Don’t see too many telling their boys that Barbies are okay for them to purchase for a toy.

What do you guys think?

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