Terry Crews fasted from sex WITH HIS WIFE. For 90 days!?

I call ALL the BS on this one, but let me give y’all the details first. According to Rolling Out, Terry Crews and his wife of over 25 years fasted from sex for 90 days. Apparently this left him feeling more in love with her.

In a new interview with “HuffPost Live,” Crews spoke about his marriage to Rebecca King-Crews and explained that their “90-day sex fast” left him “more in love” and “more turned on” than he’d ever been in his marriage.

“90 days — no sex, all relationship, all talk, all cuddle,” he explained. “I found that at the end of that 90 days … I knew who she was, and it wasn’t about ‘Let’s go out because I know I’m gonna get some sex later.’ It was like, ‘Let’s go because I want to talk to you. I want to know you.’”

So here I am again, calling BS.

Sex is THE most intimate of acts between a married couple. Abstaining from sex in order to become closer makes ZERO sense at all. Now, if one or both partners is feeling as if the sex has lost intimacy, then there are ways to address this.

I once saw a “30 Days of Intimacy” calendar. Do something like that. Or have a “phone/technology free weekend.” Go on dates. But abstaining from sex? WITHIN your marriage? For NINETY DAYS!?


And let me say this. If my husband were to come to me with this idea, my mind is going to ONE place. You have gone out and slept with someone and you’re wanting to make sure you won’t give me anything. That’s gotta be it. These other reasons simply don’t make sense.

He said that instead of taking his wife out because he knew he was getting sex later, he was taking her out to actually talk to her. “I want to know you.”


What kind of mentality is that for a grown ahh man in a 25+ year marriage? Taking her out with the end goal of sex? That sounds like some of these new men out here who lie about their intentions to women just to get in her pants. What is this?

Yeahhhhhh no.


Further, this is showing the HUGE misunderstanding about “fasting.” The point of fasting is to deny yourself to become closer to God. Sex is an act that is ABSOLUTELY biblically endorsed between a man and his wife.

Again, if there’s something missing within the act of sex, then that should absolutely be addressed by incorporating some time for dates, foreplay, intimacy, etc. But FASTING!?


Anyway, y’all see how I feel. What say you?

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