My Thoughts: Beyoncé ‘Platinum Edition’ (review of audio tracks)

Let’s go ahead and get the obvious out of the way.

I love Beyoncé. Period. I think she is THE most talented performer alive. Period.  That’s just where I am.

However, I try to be as honest as possible with these reviews…and that’s what I’m going to do here.

So. I initially pre-ordered the $24.99 situation until I found out there was a release with ONLY the new stuff for $8.99. So I canceled the $24.99 situation for the $8.99 situation and all is well.

Let’s go:


Of course, I heard this in full last week, and saw the video.

The truth of the matter is that this song really isn’t saying anything. LOL. It just isn’t. But I finally played it in my car with the volume turned up (that’s the only way I find out if I really like something) and I’m not mad at it.  It’s one of those songs that’s mindless club music…and I’m cool with that.  And the video? YASSSSS! I loved it.  Just Bey being silly and having fun.

I like this, but I honestly understand why people don’t.

Flawless (Remix) feat. Nicki Minaj

Nothing really “new” here. I like it, and I realized that’s the case because I still listened to the full track even though I’ve heard it plenty of times.

“Onika” STILL kills me. Yes ma’am.

Drunk in Love (Remix)


I’ve listened to this ONCE. And that was when it played on the radio. I didn’t even bother listening to it on here. I straight skipped it.

I’m not a fan of Kanye West on here. I realize this entire song is Bey being filthy, but Kanye disgusts me. I can’t explain why. His lyrics are just awful to me. So yeah. NOPE.

Ring Off


I LOVE this track. And I won’t be redundant because I’ve posted about it previously, but this is like a love letter to her mom and I love it.  We’ve been wondering how she felt about the split between her mother and she puts it out through her music. Telling her mom that she understands, and how good she looks, and how happy she is that mama has found love again…yes. I love everything about it.

And Mama Tina’s voice at the end? *grabs chest* EVERYTHING about this song is PERFECT. The lyrics, production, the everything.


Blow Remix feat. Pharrell Williams



I hate it. HATE.

However, I will say that I’ve only listened to it once (but at the same time I struggled to not turn it OFF during that ONE time). Maybe I should give it another try?

And I hated it even more because I was SO excited for this. “Blow” is one of my favorites off of “Beyonce” so when I saw there was a remix and it was going to include Pharrell? I was like YASSSSS!

This is basically the same exact song, track, and everything….except Pharrell is “singing” the second verse. And no.


Standing on the Sun remix feat. Mr. Vegas


This is my other favorite! I heard this on XM a while ago when they accidentally played it (because I NEVER heard it again), and instantly fell in love with it.  So when I heard the entire track I fell in love with it even more.

In fact, this song got put on repeat when I got to it. It’s all I wanted to hear.

Love love love love love it.

You can listen to the entire album streaming here (the new stuff is 15 – 20):


My disappointment with this album: WHERE. IS. THE. TRACK. FOR. “GROWN WOMAN”!?!?!?! Come on, Bey. When I heard about the platinum edition I was SO SURE we were gonna get Grown Woman. But. *sigh*

Also, here’s the live performance (unfortunately not all cities got to see it. Houston did tho. *giggles*):

PLEASE GIVE ME AUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I’m looking forward to: Videos of “Ring Off” <— cause I just KNOW that is going to be epic, and “Standing on the Sun (Remix)” <—- cause I want her to tell me exactly how to dance to this.


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