My Thoughts: Comparing The NBA To Slavery

I’ve heard the comparison of the NBA to the slave trade or slavery in the past, but of course given the statements made by Donald Sterling, this sentiment has crept back up.

A while ago, I completely grasped it. I understood why people made the comparison.  Seeing humns waiting to see who was going to pay the most to get them and to see players get dropped or traded whenever the specific organization felt like it….yeah.

But you know what?  The comparison is COMPLETELY misguided.

First of all, let us not forget that those who enter into any major sports league do so VOLNTARILY.  In fact, many would tell you it was their dream to do so.  What they have worked toward all of their lives.  There is NOBODY, not ONE player, who is being FORCED to stay in the league against their will.  Nobody is being threatened to be killed, raped, beaten, or otherwise inhumanely treated if they do not play or stay in the league.

Next (and finally, actually ), THEY ARE RICH.  Even the lowest paid player in the NBA earnes more than $400,000.00 (via Wiki). I mean COME. ON.

So yeah.  I think it’s time we all stopped comparing these sports leagues to slavery and the slave trade.  Mainly because it demeans the experience of slaves in the first place.  There ARE people who are in captivity even now (sex slaves, etc), and I am SURE they would prefer the situation of a player who never gets off of the bench to their current situation.

So yeah.  Let’s stop that, okay?

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