TMZ comes for Chris Brown, Breezy responds calling TMZ CEO “the devil”

There have been two stories pop up about Chris Brown today on TMZ:

The first story was about Chris Brown shoving a woman at a club:

Chris Brown got physical with a woman who jumped in front of him during a nightclub appearance in Houston — and even though she initiated the contact … it was a questionable reaction from Chris.

Chris performed at Limelight Houston over the weekend, and while he and Karreuche Tran were walking through the crowd … a woman stepped in front of him and reached out … apparently trying to kiss him. CB gave her a pretty hard shove with his right forearm to move her out of the way.

It doesn’t look like the fan was hurt. Obviously, not a smart move for someone with Chris’ track record to mix it up with fans — especially women — even when they start it.

Suggestion, Chris: let security handle it.


Now LOOK.  If I’m walking with my boyfriend and a man comes up, grabs my face, and attempts to kiss me…I’m responding physically as well. Sorry, but there is no story here.  Yes, he has a past of physical abuse, but my goodness, that doesn’t mean he’s not human. Someone touches you without your permission and attempts to get in your face? Yeah. You have the right to get them off of you. Bye.

Moving right along.

The next story is a bit more personal:

Chris Brown’s girlfriend and family are secretly and desperately trying to get Chris away from gangs … and they’ve even contacted his therapist to put the heat on the singer … TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us … Chris’ mom and Karrueche are so worried … they approached the therapist because they’re deeply concerned Chris is not only compromising his safety by promoting gangs, he’s also ruining his career.

TMZ broke the story … the LAPD has already gone to L.A. clubs, trying to convince owners to ban Chris and his entourage because wherever they go … violence follows.

Chris’ family thinks he does not understand the implications of associating himself with the Bloods. He thinks it’s “cool,” but the family is worried he’s in real danger and he doesn’t have a clue.

We’re told they literally think Chris’ life is on the line.

I’ve written about this before here (includes vid of him throwing up gang signs), but it turned out that while “affiliated” with the gang, he isn’t actually IN it.  At least, that’s his story.


Anyway, it looks like Chris Brown is fed up with TMZ CEO Harvey Levin, as he posted this on Instagram today (which has since been deleted??):

Chris Brown Instagram

“What the devil looks like in person. Lol. You sad little man. You’ve been trying for years to destroy me. It won’t work. Your efforts are flattering. When you look back on your life when it’s that time for you to depart, what can u actually say you’ve accomplished in life? Bringing people down and being the number one source for negativity. Life’s too short homie. Find some sort of happiness. You are a grown ass man. God bless you bruh.”


Again, not sure why celebrities post things and then delete them? But whatever.

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