New Music: “Wanna Know” – Meek Mill feat. Quentin Miller (Drake Diss)

First of all the “Quentin Miller” thing is funny. If you didn’t know, that’s the guy who Meek says ghostwrites for Drake. LOL

Okay. Here.

By now you all know that I’m Team Drake.

But Imma say it anyway. This diss was trash.

FIRST of all, he did exactly what I thought he was gonna do – and that is not come at Drake with ANYTHING new. Next, he’s hardly rapping on here. He’s using Diddy’s old interviews, the Quentin Miller reference tracks that nobody seems to care about, and coming with the same ole stuff. He’s barely rapping? And finally, he’s confusing as hell. Like….he really put in a reference to Twitter and Instagram and compared that to not having money.



But. Like I said. The “feat. Quentin Miller” thing is cute. The cover art is funny as well.

That’s all I’ve got.

Check out Drake’s reaction.

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I came back cause I need y’all to see this.



Just a couple more things….


And this (read each one from the bottom up)…

Media preview

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Media preview


Media preview


Also….one of the biggest questions from Meek Mill’s diss has to do with who peed on Drake?

Hmmmm. I mean, Meek Mill made it seem like someone was deliberately urinating on Drake….but I mean whatever.


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